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Change as good as a rest – 05.09.2021

It was just the change we needed.

Having never been camping with the girls, we finally “popped our camping cherry”. We braved it (with the help of some friends) this weekend, to take the girls camping for one night.

We borrowed my brother’s tent, got a few bits together (most importantly the cider 😉) and took the bus on a journey close by to a local caravan & camping site.

We arrived Saturday lunchtime, pitched up the tent, took a few ball games for the kiddies and sat chatting round the campfire.

It felt perfect, sitting under the stars, chatting together and having lots of giggles.

Surprisingly, we were all in bed by 11am and then I was up with the little ladies from 7am.

Fortway Farm campsite was great, very welcoming, friendly and their amenities were very clean. We even had the pleasure of watching the air show of the local Victory Show.

Even though we were only a stones throw away from home, it was the change of scenery we needed to regroup. ❤️

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