2020 · February 2020

Aspirations – 11.02.2020

Today’s been a day of fulfilling aspirations. 🤩

Minion has been working towards receiving her Pen Licence at school. Her best friend achieved it last week and bless, with tears in her eyes, she was so happy for her friend, but also upset that it wasn’t her time yet. Well today was the day! She’s finally done her joined up writing and shown her teacher how nicely she can write 😍

A quick visit to DM’s school to attend a GCSE options evening, and our big girl is setting the path for her GCSE’s 😱 She has come home and completed her submissions.

We got home to find that TwoTones letters have arrived and now she officially has her own bank account. This is such a big step for her, she can be in control of her own money and hopefully 🤞🏻 start to save. And selfishly, such an achievement for me personally, as I have been trying to get a bank account for her for over 3 months!! The bank has been fantastic, it’s just been a challenge to get everything together for the bank.

And then this evening, R&P have been to Guides and have been enrolled as official guides. As their division is a joint one, they leaders decided to allow the girls to do their promise in both locations. I thought this was such a personal and original idea and helps instil community.

February 2020

Be the Champion.. 08.02.2020

It has been a week where my strength has been utilised.

TwoTone has really struggled with her behaviour this week and got to the point on Thursday where she just couldn’t see a way out of the rollercoaster she had got on. It is so easy to see the challenging behaviour as mean words or aggressive actions, but it takes time, understanding and a whole lot of patience to see beyond those actions and find what is actually needed.

Pops too has been overwhelmed this week, she has begun to recognise the power of her mind and is able to tell us when something is bothering her – which is an incredible step for her. But sometimes, a simple act of going next in the shower can cause a massive meltdown.

DM appears to want to be heard, or rather might be feeling that she isn’t being heard and has decided to ramp up the volume switch. She is such a caring and considerate soul; who’s mind is being taken over by hormones.

Add to this the fact that I am experiencing a overdose of hormones, it certainly makes for a challenging week.

Yes, “poor Peach”, I hear you cry. He is our anchor, he brings calm to our storms and humour to our sass. I am forever grateful to have him as my one, my love and my life. Together we are the champion for our daughters; and he is my saviour. ❤️

February 2020

To do list… 03.02.2020

On reflection, this is how my to do list should have looked this morning. Instead my bright yellow post it note was filled with, call…., reply to ……., chase ……, speak to…….., meet with….., text……. ironing….

Whilst at twin club my friends were chuckling at my list and my mission to complete it.

How often do we set our physical to do list to one side and work on our inner self to do list! Take time to breathe, sit back and listen to a book, take a walk for the sake walking. As I picked up our girls from school, I walked home hand in hand with Aj (Pops walking ahead having a happy little chat with herself), we saw birds in the hedge beside us. They were so close we could see the colours of their petals and the type of birds they were. AJ and I had a lovely chuckle at seeing Sam the Great Tit there.

I am so very grateful for the luxury of being able to be with our girls at these times. I love the cuddles on the settee watching The Masked Singer, I love the idle chit chat over dinner and I love the hand in hand wanders whilst observing the world around us.

February 2020

Oh yes we did…. 01.02.2020

Lots of fun was had today and I’ve witnessed plenty of smiles too ☺️

Our day started with a visit to the bank – not much fun for most people, but another big part of laying foundations for our foster daughter. 2T has wanted her own bank account since moving in with us. I have been asking that we are given the relevant paperwork to enable us to do this for quite some time. For me, I feel that showing her how much we have pursued this on her behalf and the lengths we have gone to, have shown her just how much she means to use and we will always strive for the best for her – even if it means sitting outside offices waiting for paperwork to be signed. 2T got her account today and I got a genuine thank you 😍

The afternoon was spent in the theatre. The little three are lucky to have such fabulous Brownie & Guide leaders, that are proactive and organised a trip to watch Aladdin at the Concordia Theatre, Hinckley. We had a wonderful time, lots of laughter and such a great stage performance. I love how pantomime is suitable for all age groups, it’s a chance for families to come together, laugh and get involved too. What also made me smile at the pantomime was to see so many familiar faces, two of which were people that I went to Primary School with. Great to see you Steph & Steve 😊

We got home, had tea and then all snuggled up and watched the new Disney Aladdin on DVD. I must admit, I was nervous to watch it. For me the Genie will always be Robin Williams 😢 However, hats off to Will Smith as it really was a good movie!

A great day all round and while I have your attention, I want to thank you again for reading my blogs. Rachel, you really made me smile today, thank you xx

January 2020

Stars in night sky – 28.01.2020

Last Friday night I walked the three littlies to their school disco. On the mile walk, I held hands with Aj, who at the time had some questions rattling round her head.

Thursday of last week saw a friend of mine bury her 13 year old granddaughter, and as a family we have spoke about it openly.

Aj wanted to know about dying and what happens. I really had to think carefully about what I said, I wanted to be as honest as I could but at the same time not scare her. How do you explain to an 8 year old about death and particularly the death of someone so innocently young?

The graveyard where the young lady will rest is behind the school where our littlies go, Aj has seen the flowers and wanted to know why they were there and what the box in the car was.

My way of explaining it to Aj was to say that we as humans are made of two parts; our physical body and our soul. The physical body is the part that we can touch, feel and see before us; this is the part where we know for certain someone is beside or in front of us. The soul is what is inside our thoughts and our heart; the kindness of a person, their caring and their love. This is the part when we think nice thoughts of people and the part that we can’t always see, feel or touch. And when we die, our body and our soul separate. Our physical body stays here, like it’s in a constant sleep that never wakes but our soul goes up to the stars.

The night sky holds all the souls of our loved ones passed, they are watching over us each and every day. We can hope that they stay in our hearts and our minds. We smile when we think of the fun times we had together and we smile when friends talk to us about them.

The passing of life happens to us all; we have one life to live and every day to live that life. Make your days count; tell loved ones how much you love them; don’t be afraid to show your love – make memories, laugh lots, hold one another and say I love you. ❤️

January 2020

Fun and Friendship 27.01.2020

Fun and Friendship

For over eight years I have been setting up Twins at Totstime and Totstime for what I believed was to help other people. However today, I realised that it’s to help me just as much as helping others. I absolutely love my Monday and Thursday mornings.

I started Twins at Totstime, as I remember walking into a parent and baby group with my then 3 year old and my 7 month old twins, I was absolutely shattered, I’d had a rough night with my twins and my toddler just wanted to play. I got to the group having fed all my children but not had time to get myself a cup of tea and just needed 5 mins to myself. I remember walking into the group and putting my girls in a play mat so that I could grab a cuppa. I could feel eyes on me by others as I left my twins crying. Within 1 minute of me sitting and feeling calm because I had a cuppa in my hand, my babies stopped crying and played happily. I swore to start a group to help twin parents and ensure that they would never be made to feel that they are being judged, isolated or scorn. I’m very lucky that I had good friends to help me. I am also very lucky that the families that join us at Twins at Totstime are so very welcoming and supporting to one another. A lot of our Twins at Totstime families have gone on to make lifelong friendships with other twin and triplet families.

I may not have twins young enough to still go to twin group, but I still reap so many benefits from going. I have some fantastic ladies that help me set up the session, and while setting up, we have a good old bitch and moan! The times these ladies have seen me laugh, cry, scream and rage is beyond me. We’ve danced the happy dance together (when the kids have started back to school), we’ve plotted and we’ve righted our wrongs. And today was no exception. Ladies, you do me the world of good and I am forever grateful ❤️

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