2020 · March 2020

Daddy’s Birthday – 11.03.2020

Happy Birthday Daddy! My husband turned 44 today. His birthday request was that we didn’t buy birthday cards and that he wanted us all to put into a contribution to pay for a years registration of Disney Plus.

Being the big Star Wars fan that he is, he is very much looking forward to the launch of Disney Plus UK on 24th March. He’s been intentionally avoiding any and all spoilers of The Mandalorian, and is literally counting down the days to the launch!

Keen to encourage the girls to be creative with their gifts for Peach, I asked them to make a birthday card each for him (and to save ourselves the potential extra cost of £12 for said cards). There was a little bit of disgruntle at the beginning, but they all took the task and made it their own. And it is lovely to see their individual creations 😍

I have found that present and gift ideas get harder the older we get. We tend to have an idea of what we would like to get ourselves, but for others we struggle. Also, having five kids; we often think of other ways the money on a gift for each other can be spent on either something for the girls or something in the house 🤦🏼‍♀️

I took the girls shopping at the weekend to pick a gift up each to give to Peach. They each had £5 to spend, and they did so wisely. They put their money together to treat him to a bottle of rum (I purchased 😉) and then bought him a little gift each of either his favourite snacks, sauce or chocolate.

Peach and I had a lovely lunch together at Tithe Barn in Cosby. And then this evening, we have had family round for a Ponchinello’s Pizza and an amazing homemade Biscoff Cheesecake 😍

2020 · March 2020

Trash 4 Cash – 03.03.2020

I run two local parent, baby and toddler groups voluntarily; Totstime and Twins at Totstime

Both groups are not for profit and are run by amazing volunteers 😍

That said, the entrance fee that the families pay just covers our expenses of refreshments, room hire, birthday cards and Christmas events. So I like to look at alternative ways to raise funds.

One way we do this is by recycling what others would trash. Today’s picture is just a one item of the recycling that I collect. This is something that most pet owners will dispose of in their general rubbish bin. It’s the pet food pouches.

I am a registered drop off location for Terracycle UK and through them we recycle a variety of waste and raise money for our groups in return. Here’s some of the items we recycle…

And I’m helping the environment too 🥰

It is a big task and yes, it has caused many an argument with hubby that bags of what others see as rubbish are left on our doorstep, and that our out house is currently loaded with recycling for me to sort. But it’s also very very scary to know that with the few people that have dropped off recycling for me, that’s all items that would have otherwise been put in landfill 😱😥😥

Please, please, please, can I ask you to take a moment, see what items can be recycled, find a local terracycle drop off point and help your environment and your local community groups.

I would also like to give a big shout out of thanks to everyone that already passes their “recyclable rubbish” to me. Honestly, I am so very grateful 🥰 – especially those that rinse the pet food pouches 🤩 – you my dears get a big high five 🖐🏻 🤩

2020 · March 2020

I see you – 01.03.2020

I see you. I see how hard you work for our family. The journeys you make, the hours you work, the early mornings you wake. I see how physically tired you are when you get home and then get straight on with cooking fresh food for your family. I see the fun you have playing games with the girls, watching their characters, chatting with them about their strengths. I see your tension lift when you listen to music; you search for the right tune to clear your mind and relieve you of your thoughts. I see your enthusiasm when the girls ask your advice with homework and I watch your face light up when it’s science related. I see your excitement for all things music, car or Star Wars related. I see you pick us up a treat each from shopping every week. I see you get wound up with my desire to always help and my obsessive overthinking. I see your organisation and admire the time you take to make the packed lunches for yourself and all our girls everyday. I see your dreams of what was once had. I see the girls smile when Daddy’s home. I see your pride with all that you achieve at home and at work. I see the absolute pure love you have for me and for our girls. I see you ❤️
2020 · February 2020

Talk the walk – 26.02.2020

Thank you for all the lovely messages of concern and well wishes for my post yesterday. I am feeling much better today.

Today saw the start of Beat the Street in Blaby District. Our girls were very excited to be tapping in on the Beat boxes this morning. It’s a fun way to encourage people to get walking and to join the challenge leaderboard.

If you’re a listener of BBC Radio Leicester, you would have heard me chatting with Martin Ballard today about the Beat the Street competition. I got to also chat with Chiropractor, Tim Hutchful, who I have met before and was a pleasure to talk with again. We spoke about beards, ingenious names of businesses (Jason Doner Van 😂), gig ticket resales and painkillers. I thoroughly enjoy my time on table talk, it’s always good fun and I have met some truly amazing and fascinating people. Thanks Hayden & Martin!

And then tonight we’ve had family night, and as much as we say the time is for the girls to see their extended family more frequently (and for the visitors to get a free Peach cooked meal 😜), I have a feeling that someone else made the most of the extra attention tonight….

2020 · February 2020

The calm of the storm – 25.02.2020

Today I have been left with the aftermath of a migraine. I am very fortunate to have only ever experienced 3 migraines in my life, and last night was one of them.

I pulled on the drive last night and realised that I couldn’t see clearly. I couldn’t focus on my centre vision and around what I can only describe as a black hole, looked like the effects of a kaleidoscope. As I walked in the house, the bright lights of the kitchen made me squint and made my head hurt. Thankfully Peach clocked me straight away and noticed something wasn’t right. I sat down and rested my head on the cushion, closed my eyes and couldn’t move.

My speech became an effort and I was feeling dizzy and nauseous. I spent an hour sitting in the dark while the girls had their showers. Peach wanted me to rest in bed, and it wasn’t until TwoTone sat with me, that she realised just how much noise they all make when they’re all upstairs either getting ready for their shower or for bed. TwoTone was so attentive, a side of her that I don’t get to see very often, and is beautiful to be a witness to.

Once the girls were in bed, I too, took myself up to bed and hoped to sleep off the rest of the migraine.

Today I have been left with a dull reminder of last night. A reminder to take it slow, stay calm and don’t bend down; as every time I did bend down, my head throbbed.

Peach and the girls have been checking up on me several times throughout the day, which I am forever grateful for; especially knowing how unsympathetic I often am when those closest to me are ill.

Another good nights sleep and all will be rested ❤️

2020 · February 2020

Aspirations – 11.02.2020

Today’s been a day of fulfilling aspirations. 🤩

Minion has been working towards receiving her Pen Licence at school. Her best friend achieved it last week and bless, with tears in her eyes, she was so happy for her friend, but also upset that it wasn’t her time yet. Well today was the day! She’s finally done her joined up writing and shown her teacher how nicely she can write 😍

A quick visit to DM’s school to attend a GCSE options evening, and our big girl is setting the path for her GCSE’s 😱 She has come home and completed her submissions.

We got home to find that TwoTones letters have arrived and now she officially has her own bank account. This is such a big step for her, she can be in control of her own money and hopefully 🤞🏻 start to save. And selfishly, such an achievement for me personally, as I have been trying to get a bank account for her for over 3 months!! The bank has been fantastic, it’s just been a challenge to get everything together for the bank.

And then this evening, R&P have been to Guides and have been enrolled as official guides. As their division is a joint one, they leaders decided to allow the girls to do their promise in both locations. I thought this was such a personal and original idea and helps instil community.

February 2020

Be the Champion.. 08.02.2020

It has been a week where my strength has been utilised.

TwoTone has really struggled with her behaviour this week and got to the point on Thursday where she just couldn’t see a way out of the rollercoaster she had got on. It is so easy to see the challenging behaviour as mean words or aggressive actions, but it takes time, understanding and a whole lot of patience to see beyond those actions and find what is actually needed.

Pops too has been overwhelmed this week, she has begun to recognise the power of her mind and is able to tell us when something is bothering her – which is an incredible step for her. But sometimes, a simple act of going next in the shower can cause a massive meltdown.

DM appears to want to be heard, or rather might be feeling that she isn’t being heard and has decided to ramp up the volume switch. She is such a caring and considerate soul; who’s mind is being taken over by hormones.

Add to this the fact that I am experiencing a overdose of hormones, it certainly makes for a challenging week.

Yes, “poor Peach”, I hear you cry. He is our anchor, he brings calm to our storms and humour to our sass. I am forever grateful to have him as my one, my love and my life. Together we are the champion for our daughters; and he is my saviour. ❤️