April 2020

Stillness – 16.04.2020

We had such a calm and peaceful time at Sopers Bridge today.

Leaving the house, the big teen was still moody. She had decided to stay in bed all morning, refusing to join us for breakfast and not taking part in our normal activities.

It’s so hard to explain to our children that we can see their behaviour, we understand why they are behaving that way and actually the best thing to work through it is to talk, eat well, get some exercise, drink plenty of water and rest well.

When we got to Sopers Bridge, which is absolutely picturesque and so very calming, the big teen regretted her decision of not having any breakfast. She decided that her mood of not wanting to take part with her sister’s activities, was actually making her miss out on some fun. 5 minutes into our time there, she was running around, climbing trees and laughing with her sisters. It was lovely to see them all playing. They were absolutely filthy, they all had mud on their arms, hands, legs and bums; they loved rinsing their hands in the stream.

Four of the girls had took camera’s with them, I hope to show them tomorrow.

Even with all the laughing, it was still peaceful. I was able to hear the stream running over the stones and a woodpecker in the trees; it really was beautiful. We are so very fortunate to have this on our doorstep.

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Rebound – 21.02.2020

Secretly I spent the morning trying every website possible to get tickets to see Lewis Capaldi at The O2, London in October. I have tried for the past three days, to no avail. I had O2 priority presale access on Wednesday, I had Live Nation presale access yesterday and then the tickets went on general sale today and sold within 10 seconds 😲

This afternoon, Peach managed to get home early and join me in taking the girls to Rebound Inflatable Park in Ashby. It was one of the treat that they had requested at the beginning of the week. 2Tone suffers with motion sickness and therefore struggles with trampoline parks, so we thought we would give this a try. We paid for the hour, but you can opt to pay a little bit more and stay for two hours. As you can see by their sweaty faces, most of them had a thoroughly enjoyable time. In hindsight, it may have been a better option to do this at the beginning of the week, as I personally think the girls are a little bit tired and got tired very quickly.

We had family night with Nanna T tonight and she arrived with a wonderful treat of ice-creams for us all to enjoy and the most amazing Apple & Cinnamon Tray Bake!! 😍😋😍

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Preparations – 19.02.2020

Today I have had two of my tribe in a cooking mood. DM was keen to make pancakes for Auntie George. So this morning after a lovely cooked breakfast by Dominic, DM set to making everyone some pancakes. Thanks to her Uncle Alex, DM has now mastered the mix for pancakes and thoroughly enjoys making them.

Then we got home and Minion wanted to prepare dinner for our family night. Wednesday family night is always a vegetarian meal, as two of the aunties are vegetarians. Tonight’s meal is roasted vegetable lasagne. This is a meal that Minion has made before with Daddy and has now claimed as her meal and no-one else is allowed to make it. She made me giggle as she picked her sharp knife to cut the vegetables and counted her fingers. With pure admiration, I watched her carefully chop the vegetables, she did a few slices and then counted her fingers again, with the sound of a phew. 😂😂

We had a great afternoon at the cinema watching the new Doolittle movie and had an extra guest too. Rubels had a date with a male friend. He was so polite, well mannered and every bit a gentleman; offering to pay for her drinks and snacks and letting her choose where to sit 😍😍 They sat together in the VIP seats, while me and the rest of the girls sat the other side of the cinema, away from them both.

We got home to find that Daddy had finished the lasagne for us and it was ready for the sharing! 😋

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School Holiday Fun – 18.02.2020

Oh to be a 10 year old again!!

Today I took the big girls for a beauty treatment, while my friend took the little girls off to Twinlakes. We met them there after lunch and they all had fun running around in the indoor play area. We ventured out of the play area and took the girls on a few rides. At first complaining that it was too cold and then once they had been on one ride, it was a race to get to the next one. I personally love it at Twinlakes, they have so much for children (and adults) of all ages to get involved in. They have indoor activities as well as outdoor activities and in the summer have a water play area too! The first photo was taken as the girls prepared to go on the go karts together; challenging each other to do 10 laps each. DM was lapped 4 times and one of those was with another person running alongside and then in-front of her 😂

We got home and the girls friends have slept over. It was so beautiful to see the big grins on their faces as I tucked them all in 🥰 (hoping they’ll get some sleep 🤞🏻)

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Day of rest – 16.02.2020

Apparently, Sunday is a “day of rest” PAH!!

We were up and out of the house just after 9am today to join my brother and his family at the local leisure centre for some swimming fun. It was great fun, lots of splashing about and a fab start to the half term holidays.

We then took the girls for an arts and craft session at 4KidsonKanvas. They were offering free arts and craft sessions over the week of the half term (sessions still available). Sarah was so welcoming, she had kindly set the table up with the girls names in place. The room was full of inspiration for the girls to get their creative heads on. For an hour, Sarah encouraged the girls to be as creative as they could, guiding them with using the tools and equipment available. The girls absolutely loved their time with Sarah and were very proud of their achievements at the end of their session.

Peach and I sat outside the room and came across some fantastic other facilities available at The Artisan Centre: Piston Rings and Things, The Pottery Pit, The Bakewell Tart and KJ Interiors.

We then came home to watch the final of The Masked Singer, which was amazing! We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the series with the girls.

An afternoon dog walk and a quick visit to see my Mum and the smile on her face when having her family visit her 😍

A busy “rest” day and setting the plans for the week of fun ahead ☺️

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Climbing fun 09.02.2020

Finding an activity that suits all and is affordable can sometimes be quite challenging. The girls have been asking to go Rock Climbing for a while. I follow a page called Ape Index It is a rock climbing, ninja warrior, activity centre.

They had scaffolding with ladders, ropes, hoops and nets to climb.

There were different heights to jump and swing from.

Pops even managed to find herself a lovely resting place high in a hammock…

With 11 of us going, we managed to walk away with only 3 injuries – and two of those were adult ones!

For £8 per child, we had two hours free play on everything there. They offered refreshments and food at a very reasonable price.

I felt the staff were welcoming, the venue was great value for money and the girls absolutely had a blast! I personally would like to see more cushioning/padding.

What made the whole occasion even better, was being thanked by TwoTone before even leaving the building ❤️

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Twinkle Fairies – 30.09.2012

This morning I was the expecting to wake up with the “morning after the night before” feeling. Fortunately for me, I know my strengths and can still hold my own with vodka!

We had a fabulous evening celebrating a very good friends 40th Birthday. We partied till late and a fresh crisp evening (early morning) walk home aided a sound nights sleep.

DM has had an action packed day today, starting with an extra dance class for 3 hours this morning. I collected her early from the lesson, as she had a very important academy booked with her Fairy Godmother and Fairy Blossom.

DM received a phone call yesterday from her Fairy Godmother, inviting her to a special Fairy Academy. The session started with a story about how the fairies became good friends and how they know the fairies. We were running a bit late and unfortunately missed the first 10 minutes. They were extremely accommodating with us and settled DM and her friend straight away. DM enjoyed making her own fairy dust, decorating wings, creating a wand and other magical activities. When we went to collect the girls, we were shown a beautiful dance they had learn’t and viewed an official presentation of the Fairy Godmother giving all the little fairies their wings and a certificate! DM was so chuffed, and loved that she had glitter in her hair. DM and her friend were very excited to learn that Fairy Blossom had been to the fairy house that they had built together. She had eaten some of the food that they left out and loved the little home they had made. It was an extremely magical experience and one I would recommend for anyone with little fairy lovers.🧚🏻‍♀️

It was a nice treat for me too as I got to be a lady of leisure for an hour and was treated to Cream Tea at Beaumanor Hall. My friend and I held a lovely conversation without the interruptions of toilet duties, petty squabbles or an urgent need if attention 😉

We rushed straight from the fairy academy back towards home for DM to be at a friends birthday party. DM was fortunate to arrive just as her friend was being given her birthday cake. We stayed for the final hour and then it was home to Daddy and his little ladies.

R&P were full of excitement as they had had one of their best friends round for the afternoon. I was home for a minute before Aj hear my voice and started a mini melt-down. She is becoming particularly clingy around me and I’m finding if difficult to ignore. Whether it is psychosomatic; in the sense that she’s my last baby, there’s only one this time and I’m being over attentive with her, I just don’t know. But I do know it’s very draining when you have three additional kiddies to attend too. I know it’s me she’s crying for as the minute I pay her attention in anyway, she’s all smiles and almost full of glee! When I walked down the stairs with her, I talked to her reflection in the mirror and said “look at beautiful little girl – what was all the crying for” and Aj just took to looking round as if to say “Where? Who? Why would they do that?” Little pickle!!

I’ve had an evening of ironing and now a moment to myself to write today’s blip. I’ll be back in track very soon & back on full form 😁