2023 · January 23

Play fighting – 02.01.2023

A morning of clearing down the Christmas decorations, cleaning and tidying. I’m quite surprised as to how long we’ve actually kept the decorations up this year. We normally have them tidied away by New Years Eve, but this year it felt right to keep them that little bit longer.

I like to have a few days break between having the Christmas decorations out and birthday decorations for the girls.

For us, two weeks after Christmas Day it’s R&P’s birthday, then two weeks after their birthday it’s Aj’s birthday; so having a few days of tidiness feels nice.

The girls love to mess around with each other, quite often there’s lots of throwing each other on the settee’s, lots of squeals of laughter and then tears and tantrums.

Today’s fun fortunately didn’t end in tears and actually had us all laughing. These girls melt my heart ❤️