2020 · April 2020 · Home Schooling

Perspective – 27.04.2020

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the negative view of quarantine. Home-schooling five daughters, spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same people and minimal contact with people outside our household. Listening to the bickering, the power struggles and witnessing the actions of frustration. Honestly, it would be so easy to just say “f**k it”.

But then I see moments like this…. and I am reminded of the absolute beauty of quarantine.

I am a full-time Mum to five individual, creative and challenging daughters. My husband holds the responsibility of providing financially for us all. And that is very often a heavy weight.

This lockdown has forced him to stop working; it wasn’t a choice. There will be a financial impact, of that I have no doubt, but the family impact…. well that could have never been measured. You see, we have never ever, had this amount of time together as a family. And the benefits that our time together is having on us as individuals and as a family, is incredible.

It is hard work, not a day goes by where a someone gets upset, an argument happens over who’s turn it is to use the tv remotes, or who last used a hairbrush or even about breathing in the same direction of another person (yes that really is a case for an argument in this house). But, every day, there is always that one moment (some days a treat of two), where they’ll surprise us with their love, kindness, intelligence and their inquisitiveness.

And if all else fails, at the end of the day, if I’ve not seen “that moment”, I remind myself….. We’re all still alive and most of us are still smiling ❤️

Stay safe & stay home.

Sending virtual hugs to family and friends ❤️

2012 · October 2012

Dear Friend …….. 25.10.2012

Dear Friend,

This is me, this is my family……..

I am me; I am a wife to my best friend of 16 years. I love him with all my heart and my soul; we are one. We have a difference in interests, opinions and beliefs. I might moan from time to time about silly little things that bother me about him, but we are both far from perfect and are a work in progress.
I am a Mummy to four beautiful, intelligent and breath-taking little girls; they are my life. I will move mountains if that is what they need me to do. I do get tired; they are entertaining, they are constant, they are loving and they are children. They try my patience; they test my strengths and they seek my weaknesses. I do have my hands-full and I have my arms full of cuddles and a heart brimming with love.
I have a soul sister, she is the one who knows me best. I have no secrets from her, tell her no lies and I have absolute respect for her. I miss her like crazy and I will talk about her to anyone that will listen.
I like to make people happy, I will go out of my way to help those around me. If you need something and I know someone who could help, I will sort it.
To you, I will be a good friend. I will listen when you need to talk, I will hold your hand when you need strength and I will sit when you need silence. If you’re having a tough time, and I can help – I promise I will do my best to help you. I will not gossip about your secrets or create untrue rumours. I will think about you every day, I will hope you are well and I will hope you are happy.
I won’t be able to call, text or visit you every day. I will not be malicious, unkind or vengeful.
I will talk about you to my other friends; I will be telling them about your great qualities and how I am happy to have you in my life.
From time to time, I will miss you and miss the feeling of happiness I have when I’m around you. This is not a bad thing; it shows that you make me happy when I’m with you.
I will want you to be a part of my life, to join in with celebrations, occasions and other moments of my day. I will notice the times you’ve been with me and there will be a void at the times you weren’t there.
I may from time to time upset you – that’s ok. I’m not perfect – I am different. I have different beliefs, morals, standards, feelings and opinions to you. No-one is to blame, neither one of us is right or wrong – we are different. I may overstep the mark, I might be forgetful and if in doing that I hurt you, I am sorry.
I ask that you tell me when I have hurt or upset you.
I often speak my mind, I take on too much and set myself ridiculous tasks, and yet I do it all with a smile.
Please respect me for who I am, understand that I am me and know that I will support you for who you are to me.
Thank you for being a friend, you make my life a happier one. xxxxx

2012 · October 2012

Double Double Delights – 18.10.2012

Egh! Getting out of bed in the morning is proving particularly hard at the moment. If it’s not DM, it’s R or P and if it’s not one of then it’s Aj that’s getting me up in the night. Quite often it’s just for a toilet duty, but it’s still an interrupted night. I’m fortunate enough to at least have Friday and Saturday night’s were Peach will take them (after I have woke him up because he doesn’t hear them).
Last night it was DM, she could hear knocking in her bedroom and it was upsetting her.
R&P were invited to see their “boys” today. There were four sets of twins, four Mummy’s and one baby Aj! I have no doubt that prior to our arrival, our friends house was tidy, organised and in good form, but believe you me, after 15 minutes of us all being there, there were toys and children everywhere!! We had a wonderful time and as you can see by the photo, the kiddies were really well behaved and ate their lunch beautifully.
R&P clearly had a wonderful time; by the time we were home, they were both fast asleep in the back of the car, catching flies with their open mouths!!
The girls amaze me every day with their new abilities, their level of understanding and their wonderful chit chat.
Ruby is obsessed at the moment with her jigsaw book. She will carefully dismantle the jigsaw and then happily rebuild it, all day!!
Penny, so wants to please. She loves to be a good girl and the praise that comes with it.
Aj is learning and changing all the time. Today for her has been spent rubbing the back of her head on her high-chair for some reason! It makes her smiles and giggle as she does it 😊
DM had her gymnastics today and Peach tells me that she did a fabulous roll over the bars today 😊
I’m hoping for a better nights’s sleep, but as it stands Aj has been crying and upset every hour for the last four hours. So I bid you good night, whilst I have a chance to get some zzzzzzzz’s while I can……….

2012 · September 2012

Twinkle Fairies – 30.09.2012

This morning I was the expecting to wake up with the “morning after the night before” feeling. Fortunately for me, I know my strengths and can still hold my own with vodka!

We had a fabulous evening celebrating a very good friends 40th Birthday. We partied till late and a fresh crisp evening (early morning) walk home aided a sound nights sleep.

DM has had an action packed day today, starting with an extra dance class for 3 hours this morning. I collected her early from the lesson, as she had a very important academy booked with her Fairy Godmother and Fairy Blossom.

DM received a phone call yesterday from her Fairy Godmother, inviting her to a special Fairy Academy. The session started with a story about how the fairies became good friends and how they know the fairies. We were running a bit late and unfortunately missed the first 10 minutes. They were extremely accommodating with us and settled DM and her friend straight away. DM enjoyed making her own fairy dust, decorating wings, creating a wand and other magical activities. When we went to collect the girls, we were shown a beautiful dance they had learn’t and viewed an official presentation of the Fairy Godmother giving all the little fairies their wings and a certificate! DM was so chuffed, and loved that she had glitter in her hair. DM and her friend were very excited to learn that Fairy Blossom had been to the fairy house that they had built together. She had eaten some of the food that they left out and loved the little home they had made. It was an extremely magical experience and one I would recommend for anyone with little fairy lovers.🧚🏻‍♀️

It was a nice treat for me too as I got to be a lady of leisure for an hour and was treated to Cream Tea at Beaumanor Hall. My friend and I held a lovely conversation without the interruptions of toilet duties, petty squabbles or an urgent need if attention 😉

We rushed straight from the fairy academy back towards home for DM to be at a friends birthday party. DM was fortunate to arrive just as her friend was being given her birthday cake. We stayed for the final hour and then it was home to Daddy and his little ladies.

R&P were full of excitement as they had had one of their best friends round for the afternoon. I was home for a minute before Aj hear my voice and started a mini melt-down. She is becoming particularly clingy around me and I’m finding if difficult to ignore. Whether it is psychosomatic; in the sense that she’s my last baby, there’s only one this time and I’m being over attentive with her, I just don’t know. But I do know it’s very draining when you have three additional kiddies to attend too. I know it’s me she’s crying for as the minute I pay her attention in anyway, she’s all smiles and almost full of glee! When I walked down the stairs with her, I talked to her reflection in the mirror and said “look at beautiful little girl – what was all the crying for” and Aj just took to looking round as if to say “Where? Who? Why would they do that?” Little pickle!!

I’ve had an evening of ironing and now a moment to myself to write today’s blip. I’ll be back in track very soon & back on full form 😁

2012 · September 2012

My mood for today :o( – 08.09.2012

This has been my mood for today 😢 Grumpy!

I’ve not been able to shake it off all day and Peach has tried really hard to make me smile or laugh, but I just haven’t been in the mood. I can’t really explain or give reason for my grump. I’m tired – what’s new? I’ve not got the jobs done that I wanted to – and? We didn’t go out for the afternoon like we had planned – my decision, make your bed and all that…

I decided not to go to the Victory Show as Ruby still isn’t feeling too well. Whilst she’s not actually been poorly in anyway, she’s still lethargic and feels really hot. We’re just topping her up with Calpol at the mo. We were meant to be going for the afternoon, but that’s when Ashleigh would be having her sleep. As it was Ruby and Penny both ended up having a snooze this afternoon for 2.5 hours, so it was probably best anyway.

I’ve had a tough time with DM today. Peach says I’m being too hard on her and to remember she’s only five. But the way she is talking at the moment and her general behaviour towards other is really upsetting me. She has started hitting men when she sees them, almost as if it’s she wants to hit them with her affection. It upsets me that she feels she has to do this.

My day of clearing the ironing has resulted in nothing of the sort! Because of my grump, everything I have done has annoyed me and everything I haven’t done has annoyed me even more!

It was nice to forget about my bad mood by having good friends and family round for a Que-Be-Bar 😉 It actually took my mind off my grumps and helped me to relax a little. I think I have used all my energy today in holding on to my negativity as come 10pm, I’m shattered and in bed!

Fingers crossed this mood shifts….. Tomorrow’s a new day with a happy future 😊

2012 · September 2012

Fun at Bottom Smackington – 02.09.2012

Ashleigh had a better night last night -thankfully!
We all had a lovely lazy Sunday morning. Peach took the girls downstairs at 7am for some Sunday Morning Cinema Club; watching a DVD with all the curtains closed, staying in pyjama’s and having breakfast down from the table. The girls loved it. Ashleigh & I got up at 7.45am 😊
My Mum and step-dad invited us to a country fayre in a village where their friends lived. The village is called Sutton Bonnington, but in typical Mum & Pete style they have renamed the village Bottom Smackington. We took some friends with us and all had a wonderful afternoon!
DM had a go at Archery, she had 6 attempts and managed to get two arrows on the target 😊
The girls got to stroke a cow, see some birds of prey, watch some jousting and have a go on a couple of fairground rides.
I’m really cheeky when it comes to fairground rides now. I’ll get the girls on the ride and then when paying, I ask for a group discount 😉 it worked today, instead of paying for 5, we paid for 4 😁
We had a lovely day and spent some wonderful quality time with some fantastic friends. Our girls all get on really well and are crazy about each other. It’s wonderful to watch them play and care for each other. Ruby has an element of silliness about her when she is with her friends. She gets extremely excited and becomes daft. It’s lovely to watch her.
The two daddies are like peas in a pod and very often have their own language……. Well, the words they use are English but we pretend not to listen as we don’t want to encourage them 😉
The two mummies are also very alike; we gossip well, multi-task well and are very good at containing the gaggle of girlies 😊
We finished our day at an OK Diner and had some delicious food. It does make me smile when we all arrive at a restaurant; so many times we get there and are greeted with a smile that soon falters when we ask for a table for four adults and six children!
All in all a wonderful day with great friends. It’s days like these I wish would never end 😊

2012 · April 2012

We are the cheeky girls ;o) – 22.08.2012

Happy 7th Month Birthday to Ashleigh!! Our littlest lady is 7 months old today and she has cut her first tooth!! Our little cherub is becoming a big cherub very quickly, time really does fly when you’re having fun 😉
DM has been to cheer leading camp again today, it was her last session and she has thoroughly enjoyed herself.
DM’s eye has come out with a lovely bruise today 🙁 To be fair, it’s not as bad as it could be, I’m confident that the Aloe Gelly has reduced the bruising and will encourage her eye to heal quickly.
I’ve had my niece and nephew again today. I’m really enjoying having them both here. They are behaving really well and are very caring and thoughtful towards each other and their cousins. I do feel for Dude, as there is a lot of Princess talk and girly shenanigans!
Ruby and Penny have been very excited to have Dude and Missimo here again. Dude came over to me this afternoon to inform me that Penny had promised him a cuddle but she hadn’t given him a cuddle yet. At that moment, Penny turned and cuddled him, he was very chuffed!
DM has had a friend stay over tonight. They were both very excited and had lots of fun at bath time. Before they fell asleep, we had the typical sleepover talk:
“If we wake up in the middle of the night, can we just play with toys quietly?” – No
“If we wake up early and it’s light outside, can we play with toys quietly?” – No
“Are we allowed to talk quietly when the lights are out?” – No
Bless them, they really did try to do some negotiating and I don’t blame them at all. Being five and having a sleep over is a magical thing for them. They even got to stay up late and watch a DVD with Daddy/Uncle Peach. Allowing them to stay up that little bit later has worked a dream as they fell asleep without any chattering and went to sleep content (I hope).
Peach has been working late again today and got home 15 minutes before dinner was cooked. I was rather impressed with myself for cooking a roast dinner for us all to eat, whilst also entertaining all of the children by myself for most of the time 😊. Ordinarily, Peach cooks dinner whilst I look after the children. Aj’s feed is at 4.30pm, which is the same time that we need to start making dinner!

I’m getting lots of lovely comments from friends about my blogs and I really am very grateful to those of you that take the time to read them. My initial reason for using blogs was so that friends and family from afar could keep up with our daily ongoings. I now use this as a chance to keep a record of my daily happenings and also as a way to put some of my thoughts on “paper”, rather than rattling around in my head.

Thank you for your support!! You inspire me to type more 😊