2021 · April 2021

Love Bug – 07.04.2021

A little time spent working together to help look after the insects in our garden.

Last year, as a family we worked together to landscape our back garden and removed all the grass, bushes, majority of trees and plants. Artificial grass was laid and we love it. However, we have noticed that we didn’t leave much for the insects, bees and bugs to enjoy. So after two weeks of collecting tin cans, Ru-bee wanted to give something back to them.

Today, myself, Ru-bee and Tooty created our own Love Bugs. Using reclaimed bamboo sticks, leftover wool from my knitting projects, lavender twigs, pine cones, tumble dryer fluff and dog hair.

We have one hanging on the front of the house and one hanging above our new log store in the back garden.

I am so chuffed with the girls and their creations. It was also great to see them working together without bickering or electronics!

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