Welcome to the Home of Dixon Darlings. Here you will find the crazy antics of our Magnificent 7. The fun we have, the challenges we meet and our journey along the way…..

Six weeks – 05.05.2020

Sending love ❤️, compassion 🥰 and hugs 🤗 to everyone doing their best…… Not my words but wanted to share! 💖 Dear parents in the U.K., Today marks six full weeks since our country went into lockdown. You have had your children home for the same time now that you would if they were on… Continue reading Six weeks – 05.05.2020

Perspective – 27.04.2020

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the negative view of quarantine. Home-schooling five daughters, spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same people and minimal contact with people outside our household. Listening to the bickering, the power struggles and witnessing the actions of frustration. Honestly, it would be so… Continue reading Perspective – 27.04.2020

Encore – 21.04.2020

Our evening family bincinerator time was surrounded by music tonight. After Daddy spending a full day practicing on the keyboard for the Someone You Loved Daddy Daughter Session that I shared earlier on, the big girls wanted to have a Daddy Daughter Session too. Here you have it, our Dixon Darlings encore …… Daughter 1… Continue reading Encore – 21.04.2020