2012 · September 2012

My mood for today :o( – 08.09.2012

This has been my mood for today 😢 Grumpy!

I’ve not been able to shake it off all day and Peach has tried really hard to make me smile or laugh, but I just haven’t been in the mood. I can’t really explain or give reason for my grump. I’m tired – what’s new? I’ve not got the jobs done that I wanted to – and? We didn’t go out for the afternoon like we had planned – my decision, make your bed and all that…

I decided not to go to the Victory Show as Ruby still isn’t feeling too well. Whilst she’s not actually been poorly in anyway, she’s still lethargic and feels really hot. We’re just topping her up with Calpol at the mo. We were meant to be going for the afternoon, but that’s when Ashleigh would be having her sleep. As it was Ruby and Penny both ended up having a snooze this afternoon for 2.5 hours, so it was probably best anyway.

I’ve had a tough time with DM today. Peach says I’m being too hard on her and to remember she’s only five. But the way she is talking at the moment and her general behaviour towards other is really upsetting me. She has started hitting men when she sees them, almost as if it’s she wants to hit them with her affection. It upsets me that she feels she has to do this.

My day of clearing the ironing has resulted in nothing of the sort! Because of my grump, everything I have done has annoyed me and everything I haven’t done has annoyed me even more!

It was nice to forget about my bad mood by having good friends and family round for a Que-Be-Bar 😉 It actually took my mind off my grumps and helped me to relax a little. I think I have used all my energy today in holding on to my negativity as come 10pm, I’m shattered and in bed!

Fingers crossed this mood shifts….. Tomorrow’s a new day with a happy future 😊

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