2012 · September 2012

Aka Rabbit – 11.09.2012

As I sat and read a story to DM tonight, it dawned on me my similarities to the main character….

The book I read was Rabbit’s Perfect Party, and the book is about Rabbit’s pending birthday. He loves to celebrate his birthday, but parties that he has had, have never been perfect. *Spoiler Alert* So he organises his own party. Reading the book to DM made me notice how I always want things just and I aspire for everything to be perfect. I put myself (and my family) under a lot of (sometimes unnecessary) pressure. It is something I notice about myself and could do with easing off a bit, but unfortunately it’s often afterwards when I reflect, that I notice what I have done. In time I’m sure I’ll let someone organise something for me 😉

R&P had Playschool today. When they got up, we had a chat and spoke about no crying at Playschool. As we walked to Playschool, Ruby started whinging, but as we got closer, they both went quiet as if preparing themselves for their entry into Playschool. However, when we got there, they were both good as gold and didn’t cry! Yay!!!! I picked them up as usual and they where both tired and had had fun 😁

I have had HomeStart round today. It was my first session and R&P loved her! They went for a walk, posted a letter and picked flowers. I was able to get on with some ironing and if I keep it up, I should have it all done by this weekend – fingers crossed!.

I took DM for a haircut, mainly because her fringe was getting too long and she’s decided that she wants to grow her fringe! Typical! 😉

Ashleigh’s had chocolate tonight and I must say, she doesn’t take after me ;o) There was lots of playing with it and nowhere near enough consumption 😉

Ruby is still not quite right in herself. I noticed tonight that she is quite red around her mouth (almost like she’s getting coldsores) and she has a slight rash on her back. So it looks like we’ll be visiting the doctors tomorrow.

Penny, we’ll she’s just in a league of her own. I was told that I was a “Good Girl Mummy” because I simply went to the toilet 😊 Her eating is fantastic and she likes you to count to three before she’ll do what you ask of her – but she always does it in the end!

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