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School Holiday Fun – 18.02.2020

Oh to be a 10 year old again!!

Today I took the big girls for a beauty treatment, while my friend took the little girls off to Twinlakes. We met them there after lunch and they all had fun running around in the indoor play area. We ventured out of the play area and took the girls on a few rides. At first complaining that it was too cold and then once they had been on one ride, it was a race to get to the next one. I personally love it at Twinlakes, they have so much for children (and adults) of all ages to get involved in. They have indoor activities as well as outdoor activities and in the summer have a water play area too! The first photo was taken as the girls prepared to go on the go karts together; challenging each other to do 10 laps each. DM was lapped 4 times and one of those was with another person running alongside and then in-front of her 😂

We got home and the girls friends have slept over. It was so beautiful to see the big grins on their faces as I tucked them all in 🥰 (hoping they’ll get some sleep 🤞🏻)

2020 · February 2020

Be kind… – 15.02.2020

Heartbreaking news today about Caroline Flack, and what a legacy to leave us with….

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

None of us know the demons she was battling. What we do know however, is that she was a person, she had feelings, she has a family that loved her and she had a beautiful smile.

Who are we to pass comment on what happened behind closed doors? We read the stories, we listen to other people’s opinions and we judge.

I genuinely do believe that many people have anxiety in one form or another. When you hear kind words or see kind actions, you can see the greater good and can work through those anxieties. However, when you hear one person say a mean thing to you or more often about you to another, it creates questions in your mind. And when it’s someone you care about, someone you value the opinion of or someone you believe knows you the best, you start to believe those mean things.

Reach out to your friends, check in on your loved ones and fill their hearts and minds with as many kind and loving words as you possibly can. To you it might seem like nothing, but to them it could mean the world. ❤️

Rest in Peace Caroline Flack ✨

2020 · February 2020

Acceptance – 12.02.2020

Today was my final session of Compassion Focus Therapy Training. I have found these sessions really beneficial on so many levels.

To have compassion for myself, compassion for others and open to receiving compassion from others.

What does compassion mean? Is it giving someone a hug when you see them hurting? Is it being mindful of the feelings of others? Is it lending that ear when someone wants to talk, or being that shoulder to cry on?

Compassion is an unconditional acceptance in the moment of feelings – this can be done without judging or affirming the actions that lead to those feelings. We can use mindfulness to move forward once we have received/given compassion.

An attack on others is an attack on yourself and to become compassionate willing, let loose the illusion of negativity and focus on love.

We have two choices, look at the negatives of others or see their love.

By choosing to look at the negatives of others, I am also focusing on the negatives within myself. Quite often I tell the girls that if they see a behaviour or action of another that they don’t like, they need to look at their own behaviour first and recognise whether they are behaving or acting in the way they wish to see.

Yet when I focus on another persons love, I give love to myself and beyond.

This does not deny the negativity in someone but only they are irrelevant in my perception. I acknowledge their negativity but choose not to dwell on it.

I accept that I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and I also accept that others may not approve of what I do, the decisions I make or the information that I share.

I also accept that I give love, I am doing the best that I can, I am strong, I am loving and I am ME ❤️

Days Out · February 2020

Climbing fun 09.02.2020

Finding an activity that suits all and is affordable can sometimes be quite challenging. The girls have been asking to go Rock Climbing for a while. I follow a page called Ape Index It is a rock climbing, ninja warrior, activity centre.

They had scaffolding with ladders, ropes, hoops and nets to climb.

There were different heights to jump and swing from.

Pops even managed to find herself a lovely resting place high in a hammock…

With 11 of us going, we managed to walk away with only 3 injuries – and two of those were adult ones!

For £8 per child, we had two hours free play on everything there. They offered refreshments and food at a very reasonable price.

I felt the staff were welcoming, the venue was great value for money and the girls absolutely had a blast! I personally would like to see more cushioning/padding.

What made the whole occasion even better, was being thanked by TwoTone before even leaving the building ❤️

February 2020

Oh yes we did…. 01.02.2020

Lots of fun was had today and I’ve witnessed plenty of smiles too ☺️

Our day started with a visit to the bank – not much fun for most people, but another big part of laying foundations for our foster daughter. 2T has wanted her own bank account since moving in with us. I have been asking that we are given the relevant paperwork to enable us to do this for quite some time. For me, I feel that showing her how much we have pursued this on her behalf and the lengths we have gone to, have shown her just how much she means to use and we will always strive for the best for her – even if it means sitting outside offices waiting for paperwork to be signed. 2T got her account today and I got a genuine thank you 😍

The afternoon was spent in the theatre. The little three are lucky to have such fabulous Brownie & Guide leaders, that are proactive and organised a trip to watch Aladdin at the Concordia Theatre, Hinckley. We had a wonderful time, lots of laughter and such a great stage performance. I love how pantomime is suitable for all age groups, it’s a chance for families to come together, laugh and get involved too. What also made me smile at the pantomime was to see so many familiar faces, two of which were people that I went to Primary School with. Great to see you Steph & Steve 😊

We got home, had tea and then all snuggled up and watched the new Disney Aladdin on DVD. I must admit, I was nervous to watch it. For me the Genie will always be Robin Williams 😢 However, hats off to Will Smith as it really was a good movie!

A great day all round and while I have your attention, I want to thank you again for reading my blogs. Rachel, you really made me smile today, thank you xx

January 2020

Fun and Friendship 27.01.2020

Fun and Friendship

For over eight years I have been setting up Twins at Totstime and Totstime for what I believed was to help other people. However today, I realised that it’s to help me just as much as helping others. I absolutely love my Monday and Thursday mornings.

I started Twins at Totstime, as I remember walking into a parent and baby group with my then 3 year old and my 7 month old twins, I was absolutely shattered, I’d had a rough night with my twins and my toddler just wanted to play. I got to the group having fed all my children but not had time to get myself a cup of tea and just needed 5 mins to myself. I remember walking into the group and putting my girls in a play mat so that I could grab a cuppa. I could feel eyes on me by others as I left my twins crying. Within 1 minute of me sitting and feeling calm because I had a cuppa in my hand, my babies stopped crying and played happily. I swore to start a group to help twin parents and ensure that they would never be made to feel that they are being judged, isolated or scorn. I’m very lucky that I had good friends to help me. I am also very lucky that the families that join us at Twins at Totstime are so very welcoming and supporting to one another. A lot of our Twins at Totstime families have gone on to make lifelong friendships with other twin and triplet families.

I may not have twins young enough to still go to twin group, but I still reap so many benefits from going. I have some fantastic ladies that help me set up the session, and while setting up, we have a good old bitch and moan! The times these ladies have seen me laugh, cry, scream and rage is beyond me. We’ve danced the happy dance together (when the kids have started back to school), we’ve plotted and we’ve righted our wrongs. And today was no exception. Ladies, you do me the world of good and I am forever grateful ❤️

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