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Preparations – 19.02.2020

Today I have had two of my tribe in a cooking mood. DM was keen to make pancakes for Auntie George. So this morning after a lovely cooked breakfast by Dominic, DM set to making everyone some pancakes. Thanks to her Uncle Alex, DM has now mastered the mix for pancakes and thoroughly enjoys making them.

Then we got home and Minion wanted to prepare dinner for our family night. Wednesday family night is always a vegetarian meal, as two of the aunties are vegetarians. Tonight’s meal is roasted vegetable lasagne. This is a meal that Minion has made before with Daddy and has now claimed as her meal and no-one else is allowed to make it. She made me giggle as she picked her sharp knife to cut the vegetables and counted her fingers. With pure admiration, I watched her carefully chop the vegetables, she did a few slices and then counted her fingers again, with the sound of a phew. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We had a great afternoon at the cinema watching the new Doolittle movie and had an extra guest too. Rubels had a date with a male friend. He was so polite, well mannered and every bit a gentleman; offering to pay for her drinks and snacks and letting her choose where to sit 😍😍 They sat together in the VIP seats, while me and the rest of the girls sat the other side of the cinema, away from them both.

We got home to find that Daddy had finished the lasagne for us and it was ready for the sharing! πŸ˜‹

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