2020 · February 2020

Baking rota – 29.02.2020

We’ve been planning to make some Crunchie cupcakes for quite a while.

Our girls love to bake with me and when we do we make quite a lot of cupcakes.

I ended up making the cupcakes with Minion today. With the five girls it’s always a battle as to who licks the whisks, who cleans (licks) the bowl and who gets to eat the leftovers πŸ˜‚

We made chocolate sponge cupcakes, with honey buttercream topping and then placed chopped bits of Crunchie on the top.

After making 34 cupcakes, DM wanted to do some baking too! DM is not a big cake fan, so it was a surprise to me that she asked to make a Victoria Sandwich cake.

She made two vanilla sponge cakes, with a chocolate spread filling, and then topped and coated the sides with a vanilla buttercream and chocolate shavings.

Anyone for some cake??……

2020 · February 2020

Spring clean – 28.02.2020

I started the morning with writing my list of tasks to complete today..

  • Rebound
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Dust lounge/dining room
  • Hoover upstairs
  • Dust hallway
  • Clothes in the loft
  • Sort washing
  • 2 x loads of washing

Do you ever make your list and then feel overwhelmed and wonder where to start?

I find that I make a start on one thing, find myself needing to turn to another task, then another and find myself not actually completing any of the tasks in hand.

My friend shared a photo earlier in the week, and I found that it was a great description of how my days go….

For the first hour of setting to my list, that was me. I was flitting from one job to another and completely losing track of my intentions for today.

But then finally, I found my groove and I actually managed to achieve quite a bit and spring clean all of upstairs. And then, just as I had finished upstairs and ready to start downstairs, it was time to pick the girls up from school.

2020 · February 2020

The wonder of the internet – 27.02.2020

Today is my Daddy’s birthday. My dad lives in America; those who know me well, know that I am a Daddy’s girl.

Nearly two years ago, it was my 40th Birthday. My amazing husband, with the help of the amazing friends and family that I have, got together and paid for my Dad’s ticket to fly over for a week. My birthday present was a hug from my Daddy……

I am very lucky to have such a good relationship with my Mum and my Dad and that although they have been divorced for over 30 years, they can still communicate well with each other.

It was wonderful to see my Dad on Facetime again today. The girls and I sang Happy Birthday to him and we got to hear about his day. Our girls have a great relationship with him too, considering he has been in America since well before the were all born.

Selfishly, I miss my Dad being local to me. When my Mum and Dad divorced, my Dad moved to be near his parents, in Welwyn Garden City. We would spend every other weekend there with him, visiting Aunties and Uncles, Grandparents, or spending the weekend with him on our Uncles Boat Byrona. Whilst I know that on occasions I was a pubescent teenager, stroppy, hormonal and demanding, I do remember that I would always ask my Dad to move closer to us. Even when he got a long term girlfriend in Leicester, he continued to live in Bedfordshire. In June 2004 my Dad flew over to Kansas to meet a lady that he had been chatting to online. With the exception of the travels my Dad undertook as part of his career in the Army, this was my Dad’s first holiday location outside of the UK.

I remember the phone call from my Dad while he was in America telling me that he was having the time of his life and that he didn’t want to come back. I told him that it was normal and that most people never want to leave their holiday location. Then a few days later, I got a phone call from my brother telling me that he had picked Dad up from the airport after his holiday and that he was moving out there. I was absolutely gobsmacked! For years I had been asking him to move from Bedfordshire to Leicestershire with no success, but he went on a two week holiday to Kansas and was moving out there. I genuinely felt like the world was falling away at my feet.

Within 10 months, my Dad had sold his house, moved the majority of his belongings into storage, shipped his prize possessions over to Kansas and was happily married to the love of his life, Sheila.

For my Dad, I am very happy that he found love again, that he followed his heart and he is living his dreams.

When my Dad visits the UK, I am like the small child that just wants to be with her Daddy. I’ll be his shadow, I’ll want to share every moment with him and I want my girls to know him like I do.

I want them to be as fortunate as me; to have loving parents/grandparents around them and familiar to them. ❀

2020 · February 2020

Talk the walk – 26.02.2020

Thank you for all the lovely messages of concern and well wishes for my post yesterday. I am feeling much better today.

Today saw the start of Beat the Street in Blaby District. Our girls were very excited to be tapping in on the Beat boxes this morning. It’s a fun way to encourage people to get walking and to join the challenge leaderboard.

If you’re a listener of BBC Radio Leicester, you would have heard me chatting with Martin Ballard today about the Beat the Street competition. I got to also chat with Chiropractor, Tim Hutchful, who I have met before and was a pleasure to talk with again. We spoke about beards, ingenious names of businesses (Jason Doner Van πŸ˜‚), gig ticket resales and painkillers. I thoroughly enjoy my time on table talk, it’s always good fun and I have met some truly amazing and fascinating people. Thanks Hayden & Martin!

And then tonight we’ve had family night, and as much as we say the time is for the girls to see their extended family more frequently (and for the visitors to get a free Peach cooked meal 😜), I have a feeling that someone else made the most of the extra attention tonight….

2020 · February 2020

The calm of the storm – 25.02.2020

Today I have been left with the aftermath of a migraine. I am very fortunate to have only ever experienced 3 migraines in my life, and last night was one of them.

I pulled on the drive last night and realised that I couldn’t see clearly. I couldn’t focus on my centre vision and around what I can only describe as a black hole, looked like the effects of a kaleidoscope. As I walked in the house, the bright lights of the kitchen made me squint and made my head hurt. Thankfully Peach clocked me straight away and noticed something wasn’t right. I sat down and rested my head on the cushion, closed my eyes and couldn’t move.

My speech became an effort and I was feeling dizzy and nauseous. I spent an hour sitting in the dark while the girls had their showers. Peach wanted me to rest in bed, and it wasn’t until TwoTone sat with me, that she realised just how much noise they all make when they’re all upstairs either getting ready for their shower or for bed. TwoTone was so attentive, a side of her that I don’t get to see very often, and is beautiful to be a witness to.

Once the girls were in bed, I too, took myself up to bed and hoped to sleep off the rest of the migraine.

Today I have been left with a dull reminder of last night. A reminder to take it slow, stay calm and don’t bend down; as every time I did bend down, my head throbbed.

Peach and the girls have been checking up on me several times throughout the day, which I am forever grateful for; especially knowing how unsympathetic I often am when those closest to me are ill.

Another good nights sleep and all will be rested ❀️

2020 · February 2020

The difference a day makes – 22.02.2020

That’s it, I quit! Oh my word, last night was my limit. I have spent this past week trying to entertain the girls, give them time on their electronics and time to entertain themselves. But last night I lost my s**t.

Yesterday morning 2Tone and Minion clocked their tally on the contributions and noticed that they still had over half of their contributions to do. They did a fantastic job of working through as many they could (only so they didn’t have to pay for their own breakfast πŸ˜’) And yet, the every day tasks around the house – loading the dishwasher, unloading the dishwasher, making lunch, cooking dinner etc, those jobs have still needed to be done with the extra task of entertaining the girls. Peach and I have had the girls at home, we’ve had our own responsibilities to carry out, pick up the slack of the girls contributions and then on top of that, I have the mountain of washing to do, ready for the return to school on Monday.

So today, I got the little three off to their Celebration Day at the NEC with Brownies and Guides and told the big girls to entertain themselves for a day. After a week of over 2 hours a day on their screens, they have also been told that there is no electronics for the weekend too! (Mean Mum 😈)

Me, what did I do with my first day ‘off’? Well I sorted the 11 piles of washing, and washed, dried and folded 6 loads of them. Then I completed over 4 baskets of ironing. 😫

Whilst doing this 2Tone did a fabulous task of clearing Kylo’s den and get really stuck in to tidying up and looked to be enjoying herself too. It was so lovely to see her taking pride in the space, learning where things belong, making her own mark on the space and then proudly showing everyone what she had achieved 😍.

DM made herself scarce for most of the day and all being told, got stuck in to helping Auntie CarCar at the stables with Harvey Horse.

Tonight, when the little three got home, we all had dinner and then settled down for a family movie. We watched The Proposal (much to Peach’s disgust). It’s always a battle as to who gets to sit on the two seater settee, it’s usually one adult with one or two children. However, tonight, Peach and I wanted to sit together, so we had the girls tucked around our legs with Kylo in-between them too! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2020 · Days Out · February 2020 · School Holiday’s

Rebound – 21.02.2020

Secretly I spent the morning trying every website possible to get tickets to see Lewis Capaldi at The O2, London in October. I have tried for the past three days, to no avail. I had O2 priority presale access on Wednesday, I had Live Nation presale access yesterday and then the tickets went on general sale today and sold within 10 seconds 😲

This afternoon, Peach managed to get home early and join me in taking the girls to Rebound Inflatable Park in Ashby. It was one of the treat that they had requested at the beginning of the week. 2Tone suffers with motion sickness and therefore struggles with trampoline parks, so we thought we would give this a try. We paid for the hour, but you can opt to pay a little bit more and stay for two hours. As you can see by their sweaty faces, most of them had a thoroughly enjoyable time. In hindsight, it may have been a better option to do this at the beginning of the week, as I personally think the girls are a little bit tired and got tired very quickly.

We had family night with Nanna T tonight and she arrived with a wonderful treat of ice-creams for us all to enjoy and the most amazing Apple & Cinnamon Tray Bake!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜