2012 · August 2012

The hunt for Michelle Rae … 07.08.2012

And so it begins, as if I don’t already have enough to do at the moment, I have decided that I want to get in touch with my pen-pal….

In 1990 my Dad took my brother and I to Butlins in Bognor Regis. We had a fabulous time and made lots of friends. I spent a lot of time with one girl who was of a similar age to me. Michelle Rae, she was on holiday with her Mum, Dad and brother. We had a scream!!

We decided to keep in touch with each other and wrote to each other frequently; the old fashioned way of pen to paper! I loved receiving her letters, each day I would get home from school eager to check the post. We continued to write to each other for over seven years. Each year, promising to visit one another but never actually getting anywhere.

As time has passed, I’ve thought about Michelle a lot. I’ve done the lazy attempts of getting back in touch through the means of Friends reunited and Facebook, but to no avail 🙁

In years gone by I have watched Noel’s Christmas Presents and wished for a gifted reunion with Michelle. I honestly wouldn’t have a clue of what she looks like, as we never exchanged photographs. I have an image in my head, but that could be my imagination.

I can’t say what’s changed or why today, but something inside me has made me to look into finding her. I’ve done a bit of tracking and it looks as though her name now could be Michelle McDonald and it is possible that she’s back at her parents address. So this is my starting point. I intend to put Pen to Paper and write a letter in an attempt to start my search, wish me luck 😉

Home and family wise; it’s been a good day. Daisy-May has been on best behaviour all day as she was on a promise of having a friend sleep-over. Her friend came over, played, had tea and they were allowed to stay up late (8pm) and watch a DVD. Ruby, Penny & Ashleigh were in bed at 7.30pm, they were all shattered and went to sleep straight away. This gave the girls the impression that it was late and they were being allowed to stay up. We thought if was all going so well, until a few minutes after putting DM & her friend to bed, DM’s friend wanted to go home. DM was mortified, I felt so torn. In no way was I going to make her friend stay; she wanted to be with her family and I would never prevent that. I wanted her to feel comfortable and happy, she had to go home. And then there’s Daisy-May; she’d been good all day on the promise of having her friend stay; but her friend wanted to go home. Peach managed to explain to DM why her friend wanted to go home and he settled her back to sleep. DM’s friend has asked her to sleep over her house instead, which DM is excited to do. I’m sure she’ll have forgotten about the whole situation by tomorrow morning!

We had a visit from Janet and Luca this morning. It was lovely to see them both and catch up from Janet’s wedding and honeymoon. Penny is besotted with Janet and her donkeys!

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