2012 · August 2012

Chunky Cherub – 28.08.2012

This morning was meant to be the start of school preparation; an attempt for four little ladies and one mummy, to be ready before 8.15am – yeah right!! My subconscious knew the real truth and refused to allow me to get out of bed before 7am 😉 We were finally downstairs, dressed and fed by 9.30am – whoops we’re going to be late for school if that keeps up 😉
I had a morning of trying to get some ironing done and all in all I managed to do none!! I ended up having a friend and her son round and we got chatting 😊. I did however get three loads of washing done. 💪🏻
I managed to squeeze 45 minutes of ironing in this afternoon, but as you can imagine, a house of four little ladies, one mummy and one daddy, I hardly made a dent in the ironing!!
I took Aj to her weigh in this afternoon. She now weighs 21lb 4.5oz!! As a comparison at the same age (30wks) DM weighed 20lb 5oz, Boobles weighed 18lb 4.5oz and Precious weighed 15lb 12.5oz – so Aj is definitely a little chubba 😊