July 2012

And relax…. 18.07.2012

Daisy-May slept at her Aunties house last night and they took her to her swimming lesson this morning. Because of this, I slept in till 8am! Whilst I’m extremely grateful of the lie-in, it really threw me out of sync with getting the girls dressed and ready.

I arrived 10 mins late for DM’s swimming lesson and walked in to see her swimming on her back (with a woggle) without Rachel holding onto her! It really made me smile; a combination of seeing Daisy-May for the first time today and seeing her swimming so well – I was brimming with love for her!

We all had a lovely morning round “Jessie & A-Belle’s house”. It tickles me that when the girls are in a playful mood and are not quite wanting to get dressed or eat; all I have to say is “Mummy will go to Jessie’s house with Ashleigh then” and all of a sudden R&P are rushing to get ready 😊

DM had quite a late night last night by all accounts, R&P are still struggling a little without their afternoon nap, so we had a DVD afternoon. DM picked a Barbie DVD and the girls chillaxed on the settee.

Ruby’s bump from yesterday is now just a bruise. She’ll happily tell you about her ouch if you ask her, but otherwise she seems to have generally forgot about it.

We’ve had Leah join us for dinner tonight. Penny’s face lit up when she saw Leah’s face through the door. “Yeah Auntie A-yee’s home” – It doesn’t matter how many times we tell Penny that it’s Auntie Leah, she still says it backwards!!

I still haven’t got on with my ironing, starting to annoy myself with my avoidance!! I really need to just knuckle down & get on with it, but there always seems to be an excuse πŸ˜‰

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