2023 · April 2023

Creative mode on – 13.04.2023

Super chuffed with today’s creativity.

Earlier on this year, I created a story board for World Book Day within our school. In doing that, the Head of School approached me to create something that could be painted directly onto a Hall wall. The request was that it included the school moto…

And that it had sunflowers on it; as they are her favourite flowers.

I had seen the idea of a tree with hearts as leaves on the web and was keen to make them rainbow hearts of different sizes to represent the variety of pupils in the school.

Being honest, I’m normally quite critical of my own work, but have found that today, I’m really proud.

All in all, the painting took around 5 hours. I freehand drafted the frame of the tree, the writing and the sunflower faces in pencil and then freehand painted the hearts after painting over my draft work. I mainly used paint sample pots that I bought from B&Q at the weekend, with a few colours I had left over from the house build last year.

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