2020 · February 2020

Overstretched – 10.02.2020

This young lady is beautiful, kind-hearted and currently overwhelmed by hormones.

Five minutes after getting up, all the girls were complaining of aching. It would seem that they all overstretched themselves yesterday and now their muscles are screaming. However, it’s DM that is still aching when she got home from school.
Distracted by her phone, she managed to get through most of this evening, however, a simple comment from TwoTone saying that she had eaten an apple caused a mini meltdown for DM. She took herself upstairs and got ready for bed. 7.15pm she was in her Pj’s, tucked up in bed and tearful because of her aching muscles.
At 12 years old, DM has decided that she no longer wants to do any form of exercise, she wants to stay in bed all day and eat biscuits! That’s my girl 💪🏻 😂😂😂
Now the question is….. Being the caring, comforting parent that I am 🙊, when do you think I should tell her that day 2 is when you really ache? 🤔😬😂


Weekend done! 26.01.2020

I’m not going to lie, today has been a pretty hard day. I have spent most of the day feeling overwhelmed. The two big girls worked really hard last week to achieve their full contributions and were very excited to have full pocket money. I spent some time sorting out their pocket money owing for the past three weeks, and with the contributions they haven’t done, the money I have subbed them and their breakfast monies, it has left them with practically a nil balance, which as you can imagine, hasn’t gone down well. I wrote it all down on a sheet, detailed the income and expenditure and then left it for them to make the totals. Their attitude when they got up today was vile. We all had a lie in this morning. Peach & I were downstairs for 10am, and the girls made it downstairs from 11am. The girls leisurely got themselves up, but when told to make their own breakfast it was like we had asked them to clean the floor with a toothbrush.

I have spent most of the day with the feeling that Peach and I are here to serve. The bigger girls are quick to say “I didn’t ask you to do it” but if we don’t do it, we get “why do we have to do everything”.

I have struggled to snap out of my aggravations which has left me emotionally drained.

We all have tough days and today was certainly challenging. When the girls went to bed tonight I explained that I was feeling overwhelmed and that I felt disappointed because I would have liked to do some family activities today. The difference is, their agenda for today was very different to mine. And that’s ok ❤️

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