2022 · February 2022

Believe it – 02.02.2022

In January 2019 I created a family positivity board.

I wanted to have a board that had lots of positive affirmations that suited our family. I also wanted it to include goals that we as a family wanted to achieve throughout the year.

And this year has lots of exciting goals for us to achieve and we all feel excited for what 2022 has ahead of us 🥰

Where possible I like to include a new affirmation, this year I have added “Dream it. Believe it, Live it”

It’s safe to say that me and Popz both live in a dream world. But you’ve got to have dreams, you need to believe in those dreams and then, you can live those dreams!

This board hangs proudly in our kitchen and is a constant reminder of our family’s aspirations and intentions ❤️