2020 · February 2020

Daddy’s Valentines – 14.02.2020

I am very lucky to have a husband who shows me daily just how much he loves me. Valentine’s Day for the past five years has been a day where Daddy takes a daughter out for a Valentines date.

In 2015 Peach took DM to WingWah’s for an all you can eat Chinese buffet (her choice).

This is where the tradition started; he bought her a Valentines card and a silver heart necklace.

In 2016, it was Ruby’s turn..

Rubels chose Pizza Hut and then a play in the arcade. She too received a Valentines card and a silver heart necklace.

In 2016, it was Pops’s turn….

Pops chose basagna at Prezzo’s and then an extra Sweet treats pancake. She was so chuffed to get her Valentines card and necklace too.

In 2018, Minion had her turn and she wanted Frankie & Benny’s and then she too had a play in the arcade.

You can see by the smile on her face how proud she was to get her necklace.

This year, there was no change. 2tone got her chance. She’s had a lovely treat of being taken to Delightful Desserts for her Valentines treat.

Thank you Peach for being such a fantastic Daddy to our ladies. Thank you for showing them your love, your kindness and your thoughtfulness.

I love you with all my heart ❤️

2020 · February 2020

Aspirations – 11.02.2020

Today’s been a day of fulfilling aspirations. 🤩

Minion has been working towards receiving her Pen Licence at school. Her best friend achieved it last week and bless, with tears in her eyes, she was so happy for her friend, but also upset that it wasn’t her time yet. Well today was the day! She’s finally done her joined up writing and shown her teacher how nicely she can write 😍

A quick visit to DM’s school to attend a GCSE options evening, and our big girl is setting the path for her GCSE’s 😱 She has come home and completed her submissions.

We got home to find that TwoTones letters have arrived and now she officially has her own bank account. This is such a big step for her, she can be in control of her own money and hopefully 🤞🏻 start to save. And selfishly, such an achievement for me personally, as I have been trying to get a bank account for her for over 3 months!! The bank has been fantastic, it’s just been a challenge to get everything together for the bank.

And then this evening, R&P have been to Guides and have been enrolled as official guides. As their division is a joint one, they leaders decided to allow the girls to do their promise in both locations. I thought this was such a personal and original idea and helps instil community.

2020 · February 2020

Overstretched – 10.02.2020

This young lady is beautiful, kind-hearted and currently overwhelmed by hormones.

Five minutes after getting up, all the girls were complaining of aching. It would seem that they all overstretched themselves yesterday and now their muscles are screaming. However, it’s DM that is still aching when she got home from school.
Distracted by her phone, she managed to get through most of this evening, however, a simple comment from TwoTone saying that she had eaten an apple caused a mini meltdown for DM. She took herself upstairs and got ready for bed. 7.15pm she was in her Pj’s, tucked up in bed and tearful because of her aching muscles.
At 12 years old, DM has decided that she no longer wants to do any form of exercise, she wants to stay in bed all day and eat biscuits! That’s my girl 💪🏻 😂😂😂
Now the question is….. Being the caring, comforting parent that I am 🙊, when do you think I should tell her that day 2 is when you really ache? 🤔😬😂

February 2020

Be the Champion.. 08.02.2020

It has been a week where my strength has been utilised.

TwoTone has really struggled with her behaviour this week and got to the point on Thursday where she just couldn’t see a way out of the rollercoaster she had got on. It is so easy to see the challenging behaviour as mean words or aggressive actions, but it takes time, understanding and a whole lot of patience to see beyond those actions and find what is actually needed.

Pops too has been overwhelmed this week, she has begun to recognise the power of her mind and is able to tell us when something is bothering her – which is an incredible step for her. But sometimes, a simple act of going next in the shower can cause a massive meltdown.

DM appears to want to be heard, or rather might be feeling that she isn’t being heard and has decided to ramp up the volume switch. She is such a caring and considerate soul; who’s mind is being taken over by hormones.

Add to this the fact that I am experiencing a overdose of hormones, it certainly makes for a challenging week.

Yes, “poor Peach”, I hear you cry. He is our anchor, he brings calm to our storms and humour to our sass. I am forever grateful to have him as my one, my love and my life. Together we are the champion for our daughters; and he is my saviour. ❤️

February 2020

I am that parent… 04.02.2020

I am that parent who will always be our children’s champion.

I am that parent who will be cheering our daughter on at the sideline.

I am that parent who will hold our daughter tight when she needs a cuddle.

I am that parent who will always encourage our daughters to stand up for what she believes in.

I am that parent that will teach our daughters to be kind and respectful.

I am that parent who will celebrate the crazies.

I am that parent that will dance like no one’s watching.

I am that parent that will wholeheartedly love our daughters with every breathe I take.

But my darling daughters, you also need to know, that I am now, more than ever, that parent who cares less what other people think of me. As long as I am confident that you are safe, I will use any means necessary to make sure that you respect my requests.

And yes, that does mean that if, when we are out wandering around town, you decide to start shutting doors in my face and you wish to start annoying your sister, even after my several quiet requests of leaving her alone, I will be the parent that finds the humour in singing Christmas songs and “I know a song that will get on your nerves” very loudly. I give zero s**ts about the people you think are laughing or staring at me. If it distracts you enough from the unnecessary behaviour you were doing and makes people smile (myself included) – I’m there!! I am that Parent ❤️

February 2020

To do list… 03.02.2020

On reflection, this is how my to do list should have looked this morning. Instead my bright yellow post it note was filled with, call…., reply to ……., chase ……, speak to…….., meet with….., text……. ironing….

Whilst at twin club my friends were chuckling at my list and my mission to complete it.

How often do we set our physical to do list to one side and work on our inner self to do list! Take time to breathe, sit back and listen to a book, take a walk for the sake walking. As I picked up our girls from school, I walked home hand in hand with Aj (Pops walking ahead having a happy little chat with herself), we saw birds in the hedge beside us. They were so close we could see the colours of their petals and the type of birds they were. AJ and I had a lovely chuckle at seeing Sam the Great Tit there.

I am so very grateful for the luxury of being able to be with our girls at these times. I love the cuddles on the settee watching The Masked Singer, I love the idle chit chat over dinner and I love the hand in hand wanders whilst observing the world around us.

February 2020

One step at a time 02.02.2020

Our beautiful precious DiddyPops. She’s constantly keeping us on our toes with her bubbling emotions. She was given the fantastic opportunity by her school to attend a drama day at another local high school yesterday. Pops was over the moon to be invited and thoroughly enjoyed her day.

Pops is currently receiving play therapy through CAMHS to help with her anxiety. Since she was 6 years old, Pops has suffered with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), in recent years she has developed a variety of tics and has rages that you honestly wouldn’t believe could come from such a gentle being.

We have had various appointments with paediatricians, dieticians, neurologists, school nurses and GP’s, including various training sessions on encouraging positive behaviour in young children.

We often find Pops in her bedroom, on her own, happily playing with her Monster High Dolls.

However, it’s Pops that will worry that she doesn’t want to be seen as mean, she will worry that she heard someone say something hurtful and she’ll be the first to notice that you have beautiful nails, a new haircut or a lovely top on. She worry’s that her army inside her (what we have called her immune system) is dying when she feels overwhelmed.

Tonight she has gone to bed asking about her next play therapy session. Peach and I agreed that we wouldn’t tell her when they are as she frets about it, constantly asking questions, reminding us not to forget and telling us what she thinks she might be doing and what she might miss at school. Pops had a session on Friday last week and I made the mistake of giving her the letter with the appointments on. She knows this will be the last one, and appears to be playing the appointment over and over in her mind.

We can do this Pops, one step at a time. Take our hands, we’ll help you through it. ❤️