2020 · April 2020 · Home Schooling

Perspective – 27.04.2020

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the negative view of quarantine. Home-schooling five daughters, spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the same people and minimal contact with people outside our household. Listening to the bickering, the power struggles and witnessing the actions of frustration. Honestly, it would be so easy to just say “f**k it”.

But then I see moments like this…. and I am reminded of the absolute beauty of quarantine.

I am a full-time Mum to five individual, creative and challenging daughters. My husband holds the responsibility of providing financially for us all. And that is very often a heavy weight.

This lockdown has forced him to stop working; it wasn’t a choice. There will be a financial impact, of that I have no doubt, but the family impact…. well that could have never been measured. You see, we have never ever, had this amount of time together as a family. And the benefits that our time together is having on us as individuals and as a family, is incredible.

It is hard work, not a day goes by where a someone gets upset, an argument happens over who’s turn it is to use the tv remotes, or who last used a hairbrush or even about breathing in the same direction of another person (yes that really is a case for an argument in this house). But, every day, there is always that one moment (some days a treat of two), where they’ll surprise us with their love, kindness, intelligence and their inquisitiveness.

And if all else fails, at the end of the day, if I’ve not seen “that moment”, I remind myself….. We’re all still alive and most of us are still smiling ❤️

Stay safe & stay home.

Sending virtual hugs to family and friends ❤️

2020 · February 2020

The calm of the storm – 25.02.2020

Today I have been left with the aftermath of a migraine. I am very fortunate to have only ever experienced 3 migraines in my life, and last night was one of them.

I pulled on the drive last night and realised that I couldn’t see clearly. I couldn’t focus on my centre vision and around what I can only describe as a black hole, looked like the effects of a kaleidoscope. As I walked in the house, the bright lights of the kitchen made me squint and made my head hurt. Thankfully Peach clocked me straight away and noticed something wasn’t right. I sat down and rested my head on the cushion, closed my eyes and couldn’t move.

My speech became an effort and I was feeling dizzy and nauseous. I spent an hour sitting in the dark while the girls had their showers. Peach wanted me to rest in bed, and it wasn’t until TwoTone sat with me, that she realised just how much noise they all make when they’re all upstairs either getting ready for their shower or for bed. TwoTone was so attentive, a side of her that I don’t get to see very often, and is beautiful to be a witness to.

Once the girls were in bed, I too, took myself up to bed and hoped to sleep off the rest of the migraine.

Today I have been left with a dull reminder of last night. A reminder to take it slow, stay calm and don’t bend down; as every time I did bend down, my head throbbed.

Peach and the girls have been checking up on me several times throughout the day, which I am forever grateful for; especially knowing how unsympathetic I often am when those closest to me are ill.

Another good nights sleep and all will be rested ❤️

2020 · February 2020

Be kind… – 15.02.2020

Heartbreaking news today about Caroline Flack, and what a legacy to leave us with….

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

None of us know the demons she was battling. What we do know however, is that she was a person, she had feelings, she has a family that loved her and she had a beautiful smile.

Who are we to pass comment on what happened behind closed doors? We read the stories, we listen to other people’s opinions and we judge.

I genuinely do believe that many people have anxiety in one form or another. When you hear kind words or see kind actions, you can see the greater good and can work through those anxieties. However, when you hear one person say a mean thing to you or more often about you to another, it creates questions in your mind. And when it’s someone you care about, someone you value the opinion of or someone you believe knows you the best, you start to believe those mean things.

Reach out to your friends, check in on your loved ones and fill their hearts and minds with as many kind and loving words as you possibly can. To you it might seem like nothing, but to them it could mean the world. ❤️

Rest in Peace Caroline Flack ✨