2021 · September 2021

Bubbles – 22.09.2021

Once a week I get to spend the day with my youngest nephew. I absolutely love our time together.

When he arrives, he is mothered by my four daughters – you can almost see him sitting back and smiling at them running round for him and tending to his every whim!

He sits in his pushchair as we take Stink to school. All the way to school, you can hear him constantly asking Stink “what’s that?”. To which she always attentively responds to him.

Today when we got home, we stood in the garden for an hour making bubbles and chasing them. It really is the simple pleasures ❤️

He is such a cheeky and caring little character. He knows what he wants and how to kindly ask. I’m loving my weekly time with him 🥰