2021 · September 2021

Gratitude for family – 08.09.2021

This is the moment my cousin stepped in the house. I couldn’t share it on the day, as it’s been a big surprise to have her here.

It’s my Uncle’s 70th Birthday and his daughter lives in Northern Ireland. When asked what he would like for his birthday, he said a surprise. Well he got that!!

We are fortunate that my cousin is staying with my Mum. She landed last night and on their way back to my Mum’s, they popped in for a cuppa. The minute my cousin arrives, our girls ran into the kitchen and swamped her for a cuddle!

In this picture of pure love, you will see our four girls cuddling my cousin (the shortest one – teehee) – with our eldest just turning her head slightly to say “oh hi Nanna”.

In July this year, we spent a week in Northern Ireland visiting my cousin and her family. We all had a fabulous time; time we needed as a family and time we will forever cherish. In that time, the girls loved being around “Auntie Mandy” and are so excited to have her staying nearby.