September 2020

Hello Anxiety – 08.09.2020

I have anxiety, looking back, I can see that it’s something that I have had since I was 14 years old. In the past four years, my adult anxiety has been something that I have had to be mindful of and actively work through.

Knowing that I have anxiety, I am mindful that my children are more susceptible to struggle with anxieties and our Diddy Pops is one of them.

Diddy Pops suffers with anxiety, she displays tics, she has irritable bowl syndrome and has extreme emotions that she struggles to cope with and makes her tummy feel ‘funny’.

Our girls have gone back to school, which, for a lot of children at the moment, is quite a daunting situation to be in; for Pops she has the added change that a friend who she is very fond of, has moved schools this week and therefore no longer in her class.

I receive regular emails from Big Life Journal , that offer hints and tips on how to help our children with positive affirmation and activities to help them with their emotions and feelings. This weeks newsletter was about how to help children with their anxieties, which then led me to make Pops a hug to keep with her while at school. Hence today’s photo of the handmade wristband.

Last night, I found a sweatband (similar to what Daddy wears) and then hand sew Pops’ name on it with a heart. I made the change to the S and made it a Z as that’s what Daddy would do for Pops and then did a black heart underneath, as black is her favourite colour. The principle of this is, is that this sweatband is something from me and Daddy, it’s our connection to Pops while she is away from us, whether that be at school, at a friends house or anywhere else.

This morning Pops wore the sweatband the minute I gave it to her, and then just before she walked into school I gave her a cuddle and a kiss, brought attention to her sweatband and then gave that a kiss too. I reminded her if she has feelings or thoughts that are making her feel ‘funny’, she can look at her wristband and remember that there is a kiss on there for her and there will be a cuddle waiting for her when she finishes school.

In the current climate and with what we are all experiencing, I am keen to find ways to help my children stay calm and positive.