January 2020

Stars in night sky – 28.01.2020

Last Friday night I walked the three littlies to their school disco. On the mile walk, I held hands with Aj, who at the time had some questions rattling round her head.

Thursday of last week saw a friend of mine bury her 13 year old granddaughter, and as a family we have spoke about it openly.

Aj wanted to know about dying and what happens. I really had to think carefully about what I said, I wanted to be as honest as I could but at the same time not scare her. How do you explain to an 8 year old about death and particularly the death of someone so innocently young?

The graveyard where the young lady will rest is behind the school where our littlies go, Aj has seen the flowers and wanted to know why they were there and what the box in the car was.

My way of explaining it to Aj was to say that we as humans are made of two parts; our physical body and our soul. The physical body is the part that we can touch, feel and see before us; this is the part where we know for certain someone is beside or in front of us. The soul is what is inside our thoughts and our heart; the kindness of a person, their caring and their love. This is the part when we think nice thoughts of people and the part that we can’t always see, feel or touch. And when we die, our body and our soul separate. Our physical body stays here, like it’s in a constant sleep that never wakes but our soul goes up to the stars.

The night sky holds all the souls of our loved ones passed, they are watching over us each and every day. We can hope that they stay in our hearts and our minds. We smile when we think of the fun times we had together and we smile when friends talk to us about them.

The passing of life happens to us all; we have one life to live and every day to live that life. Make your days count; tell loved ones how much you love them; don’t be afraid to show your love – make memories, laugh lots, hold one another and say I love you. ❤️