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Me time – 27.06.2012

Today, with thanks to a very good friend, I’ve been allowed a few hours of me time. I was able to ‘nip’ to Fosse Park and go into the shops just to browse!! It was lovely, being able to get out of the car and just taking my handbag and keys. Walking into the shop without having to navigate the obstacles that are the garment rails!!

One of my treats was to pick up a copy of the new craze. All I’ve got to do now, is make the time to read it. :o)

Ruby and Penny are really struggling without their afternoon naps, especially with today’s heat! They both fell asleep on the way to school pick up and took 15 minutes to wake up when we went to the park after school!!

R&P had me giggling this afternoon, they we’re playing on their slide in the garden and Penny was lying at the bottom of the slide shouting “help, help me”. Ruby ran to the back of the slide shouting “just minute”, climbed up and reached down to hold Penny’s hands!! It was so lovely to watch them, I know they have their moments, but generally they play so well together.

As I watch Ruby play, every day she is more and more like me. She was getting angry with herself because after placing the tea towel on the trampoline in a neat and orderly fashion, it kept scrunching up every time she walked over it. She wanted the tea towel infront of her when she was bouncing.

Today I’ve seen 2 photo’s with fabulous phrases, that suit me perfectly and make me smile…..

it will either warm their heart or piss them off … either way you win!

Good Mums have sticky floors, wet wipes at every turn, messy kitchens, overflowing washing baskets, grubby shoulders, dirty ovens, scruffy hair, impressive one handed skills and most importantly, Happy Children