July 2012

Here we go again… 24.07.2012

It would appear that Penny is now poorly too 😢 She woke up twice in the night and was crying, one of the times I needed to give her her inhaler. When I got her up this morning she had strained breathing, leading me to think that she has a chest infection.
I managed to call through to the doctors and get a triage appointment for Penny, Ashleigh and myself.
Penny and Ashleigh were first, Ashleigh doesn’t have a wheeze on her chest (thankfully) but does have a rattle in her throat & her lower back. She has possibly had a chest infection but is clearing it herself. Ashleigh has been given antibiotics, but I have been asked to hold off giving them to her until I feel she really needs them. I was a bit dumbfounded when the doctor said that, because I have took Ashleigh to the doctors as I am concerned and have now been told that she could need antibiotics but only when I think so – oh yes, I’m the one who went to medical school 😉. Penny, yes she has a chest infection! Thankfully her some of her blood results are back and her platelets are high (due to fighting an infection), which is good in terms of a working immune system. So it’s antibiotics and inhaler for her 🙁
Daisy-May has been to holiday club today. So my walk today was walking DM and two of her friends to Holiday Club in Sapcote, whilst I push Ruby, Penny and Ashleigh in their pushchair. A walk back from Sapcote to our house, hang the washing out and a walk with Ruby, Penny and Ashleigh in the pushchair to the Surgery. A walk with the pushchair to from the Surgery to the Chemist and then home, pick up the scooters and back to Holiday Club to pick Daisy-May and her friend up and then home again! All I can say it’s a good job it’s glorious weather 😁
DM and I went for a walk to the shops this afternoon and that is when I took this photograph…. I suddenly noticed that DM had dressed herself and was head to toe in PINK! She’d make her Auntie George grin from cheek to cheek!!