2012 · August 2012

The final piece of the puzzle – 27.08.2012

This morning was fun, we had our usual Twins at Totstime, but today Daddy came with us. We had a great turnout to our play session and even met a new multiple Mummy and Daddy family.
Our afternoon was quiet, the girls played in trashed every room; making sure that their toys were spread widely throughout the house. A weekend of parties and late nights has resulted in a mischievous and little miss attitude 5 year old.
I find myself having to focus on what I say and how I say things, because DM is a mini reflection of me and the way I am. Hopefully her behaviour is due to mental boredom and will calm when she returns to school (fingers crossed) 😉
In an attempt to get the girls ready for school/Playschool we’re attempting to get them to bed early or at least on time this week. As I was out at tea-time, Peach bathed the girls before tea, so that he didn’t have to do it while I was out. And well done to Peach as the girls were fast asleep when I got home at 7.10pm. If only they had stayed that way :o( Ashleigh went straight to sleep when Peach put her down, but she woke up 15 minutes later with a coughing fit. This disturbed her and she then didn’t settle till gone 9.30pm. Because of her cough and cold (teething) she’s struggling with her wind. We’d pick her up, wind her and get two or three burps, put her down to sleep and she’d settle for 10 minutes but then start again 🙁 In the end, I gave in and gave her Calpol. This settled her for 20 minutes, she needed winding again but then she slept for the rest of the night.

I went out to get my tattoo finished by our excellent neighbour tattooist at Hellcats Tattoo Parlour. Jeremy is fantastic!! I absolutely love how he has finished my charm bracelet. Having started with two small tattoo’s (My paw print and 5 leaf Daisy) done by another tattooist, Jeremy has transformed what I felt were Two Tags into something that represents those important in my life and looks “pretty” too 😊 The stars and fairy dust were a last minute addition to what I had originally asked of him, and Jeremy took on board what I wanted and perfected it! Thank you Jeremy!!