2023 · January 23

She thinks …. – 23.01.2023

She thinks she’s 21, she’s actually 15. She thinks she’s the boss of her sisters, she’s actually their role model.

She’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s intelligent, she’s caring, loving, generous and kind.

Allowing your child to find their own path in life is not just a lesson for them, but also a lesson for the parents too. Nobody knows how things are going to turn out, nobody knows the effect it’s going to have on them, nobody knows whether it’ll lead to heartbreak and nobody knows who you’re going to lose along the way.

But then, if they didn’t take those chances, feel those feelings and experience life’s highs and lows; are they really living life to their full potential?

As a parent, it’s our role to protect and trust in our children. Allow them the opportunity to make the mistakes, encourage them to talk about their feelings, ask their questions, guide them to have self-worth and hope that, at some point, they will make the right decision, knowing that you will always have their back.

You’ll always be our baby girl, no matter how tall you get!

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