2023 · January 23

Cuts like a knife – 21.01.2023

Why is it that words from your child’s mouth can cut so deep? Something said so flippantly and, quite often, out of jealousy or spite – to them may feel like saying facts but to a parent is pure pain like nothing else.

Today has been preparation for Stinks 11th Birthday tomorrow. She has been bowling with her friends and then had them sleepover. While they were out at bowling, I took the opportunity to have the big 3 help get the decorations up and wrap her presents. This was my mistake, allowing them to help me, because apparently, in asking them to help me, I’m showing that Stink is my favourite, showing that I go to more effort with one child than I do or did with the others.

You can’t see or talk of the effort a parent goes to for their child or children; it’s a hard thing to describe. And then when you do start to talk of the lengths you have gone to to do your best for them, you are told that you weren’t asked to do it.

I don’t do it for recognition and I don’t do it for the world to see; I do it for the smile it brings on my child’s face in that moment, I do it because no matter what they think, I really do love them and listen to them.

I don’t have a favourite child, I love my daughters in equal measure. They each have their own unique and creative ways in life, and I love them for their individuality.

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