2023 · January 23

Back on it…. 01.01.2023

Let’s give this a go. I’ve always loved writing and I really do miss my blip foto blog. I’m going to try to do my photo a day and get back to my daily blogging.

Today has been a day of relaxation and for me to relax, I have to been in a clean space. An hour or two this morning (this morning to me – noon to the rest of the UK) of cleaning and then I was able to comfortably sit down and do some knitting.

I’m currently working on the sleeves of a Cara Mid-Sleeve Sweater. A kit provided by Stitch and Story here in the UK, that unfortunately closed business back in November 2022.

I started the knitting back in October 2022 and in all honesty, haven’t done a great deal of knitting since that week.

I love the lil’ merino wool they provide with the kit and the colour is possibly my absolute favourite. I am in a little panic though as I have the last half of the sleeve to do and then the putting it all together and I only have one ball of wool left!

Whilst getting on with my knitting, we have also watched three films: Father of the Year, Footloose (2011) and Maverick.

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