2020 · April 2020 · School Holiday’s

2 child free hours – 16.08.2020

My brother has always loved going out in his bicycle.

This week he has been chatting with Penelope and offered to take the girls on a bicycle ride sometime this weekend.

Sure enough Calv, his wife and two of their children rocked up ready to take the five girls for a ride to Watery Gates. They asked the girls to take a small pack-up, so they could have a picnic before returning home.

My brother had planned the route to reduce the number of hills to climb, so did the road way there and through the farm and footpaths on the way back.

Ruby was adamant that she did not want to go, but in the final 5 minutes of preparation, quickly changed her mind and went with them all. DM was out with her cousin, and our weekend guest joined the girls too. My brother sent me a great photo of when they got there…

Apparently there was a gentleman with a young boy, who were both fishing. They had managed to catch some small fish, from what I am told, the girls were fascinated and loved it.

My brother convinced the girls to all have a paddle in the water. All the girls came back filthy and shattered – it was great.

What did I do? I hear you say. Me? My two child free hours were spent cleaning my lounge, dining room and hallway……. and washing our hoover!! To sit in a clean and tidy room, and quietly enjoy a cup of tea was absolute bliss ❤️

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