2020 · August 2020 · School Holiday’s

Caught in the moment – 13.08.2020

Completely unaware that I had my camera in my hand, I managed to capture the moment today where three of the girls were happily walking hand in hand and actually being nice to each other! No silliness of pushing each other around, or pushing one another into trees and no bickering of what each other is or should be doing. It was absolutely beautiful!

Like the majority of people around the world at the moment, our girls have had to spend 24/7 with each other and very little physical contact with their friends since March this year. And whilst I’m sure at the beginning it was all fun and games not having to go to school, I know that they have all really missed seeing their friends and actually having a chance to miss one another.

My hope is that during this time we have grown as a family, we have took the time to learn things about each other and we have given the girls a good foundation of what family is to us as a whole.

We hope that our girls will always know where their home is, that we will always want the best for them, and that their happiness is important to us.

Peach has said to me before, he hears of the kids that say “don’t tell Mum and Dad” and has always wanted our girls to be the ones saying “I need to tell Mum and Dad”; knowing that no matter what is told, they are safe with us and we will always help them in their journey through life. Yes, there will be those times where they’ve made a mistake or done something bad, but if we acknowledge the mistake, recognise what happened, only then can we can learn from it and grow.

We are a family unit, and we have used this time to show them the family we are and the family we have around us – Ohana

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