August 2020 · Days Out · School Holiday’s

Brave or stupid? – 11.08.2020

We did our usual family run this morning, but cut it short to go on a bicycle ride. The girls have been bugging me for a long time to get the bicycles serviced so that we can go out on them, and finally, with a little help from a friendly neighbour, we managed to get them all up and running.

Last night we went for a quick little ride around the village before it got too dark, but today we took a ride over to Watery Gates. It’s a nice 9km ride there and back. It was quite scary taking them all out on my own, I had to have DM at the front as she’s fairly proficient with her road and riding sense. I was at the back with the smallest two in front of me. Diddypops struggles with the hills, bless her, she just doesn’t have the strength in her little bones to push the pedals enough.

It was a learning experience for us all, we had fun, we made it there and back without any injuries, and the girls got to have a little paddle when we got there. Next time, I must remember to take a snack for them, as we had some Hangry Monsters when we got home and maybe need to rethink the running line of kiddies.

A big thank you to any of the vehicles that passed us on our journey this morning; you had a lot of patience waiting for a safe space to pass us all.

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