2020 · March 2020

Trash 4 Cash – 03.03.2020

I run two local parent, baby and toddler groups voluntarily; Totstime and Twins at Totstime

Both groups are not for profit and are run by amazing volunteers 😍

That said, the entrance fee that the families pay just covers our expenses of refreshments, room hire, birthday cards and Christmas events. So I like to look at alternative ways to raise funds.

One way we do this is by recycling what others would trash. Today’s picture is just a one item of the recycling that I collect. This is something that most pet owners will dispose of in their general rubbish bin. It’s the pet food pouches.

I am a registered drop off location for Terracycle UK and through them we recycle a variety of waste and raise money for our groups in return. Here’s some of the items we recycle…

And I’m helping the environment too 🥰

It is a big task and yes, it has caused many an argument with hubby that bags of what others see as rubbish are left on our doorstep, and that our out house is currently loaded with recycling for me to sort. But it’s also very very scary to know that with the few people that have dropped off recycling for me, that’s all items that would have otherwise been put in landfill 😱😥😥

Please, please, please, can I ask you to take a moment, see what items can be recycled, find a local terracycle drop off point and help your environment and your local community groups.

I would also like to give a big shout out of thanks to everyone that already passes their “recyclable rubbish” to me. Honestly, I am so very grateful 🥰 – especially those that rinse the pet food pouches 🤩 – you my dears get a big high five 🖐🏻 🤩

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