2020 · March 2020

World Book Day aka World Parent’s stress week! – 02.03.2020

Oh my word!! Seriously!?! Who came up with the idea of dressing up for World Book Day?

I love reading books, I encourage our girls to read books, I love to listen to audiobooks and I love listening to our girls read to us.

But come on!! Dressing up as a character for school?!?

I have 2Tone who hardly ever reads, but wants to use the opportunity to either wear branded clothes to school that she wouldn’t normally be allowed to wear or, wear an outfit that is very inappropriate for school!

When I refused to refinance the house just to purchase an outfit that will be worn once and then stored away and the fact that we have a loft full of costumes; we then had the mission of rummaging through the boxes in an attempt to find something she will wear.

Minion, Rubels and Pops have had me wracking my memory as to what we have in the loft; which then resulted in a mission of then going into the loft to find said outfits.

And then you have DM, who, bless her, isn’t taking part in dressing up for World Book Day as her school isn’t doing it. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I know it’s a bug-bear for a lot of parents; there are those that don’t have the money to purchase costumes and/or pay the donation to wear said costume. Then you have those whose children attend a school where the school is not participating in the dress up as a character from a book. You also have those that either create the outfit themselves or encourage their children to make the outfit.

I can’t tell you what the answer is, it’s one of those situations where you’ll never please everyone.

All I’m saying is, if you’re one of those parents that’s feeling “aaarrrgggghhh 😫😫😫” about World Book Day this week, I feel your pain ❤️

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