2020 · March 2020

I see you – 01.03.2020

I see you. I see how hard you work for our family. The journeys you make, the hours you work, the early mornings you wake. I see how physically tired you are when you get home and then get straight on with cooking fresh food for your family. I see the fun you have playing games with the girls, watching their characters, chatting with them about their strengths. I see your tension lift when you listen to music; you search for the right tune to clear your mind and relieve you of your thoughts. I see your enthusiasm when the girls ask your advice with homework and I watch your face light up when it’s science related. I see your excitement for all things music, car or Star Wars related. I see you pick us up a treat each from shopping every week. I see you get wound up with my desire to always help and my obsessive overthinking. I see your organisation and admire the time you take to make the packed lunches for yourself and all our girls everyday. I see your dreams of what was once had. I see the girls smile when Daddy’s home. I see your pride with all that you achieve at home and at work. I see the absolute pure love you have for me and for our girls. I see you ❤️

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