2020 · February 2020

The wonder of the internet – 27.02.2020

Today is my Daddy’s birthday. My dad lives in America; those who know me well, know that I am a Daddy’s girl.

Nearly two years ago, it was my 40th Birthday. My amazing husband, with the help of the amazing friends and family that I have, got together and paid for my Dad’s ticket to fly over for a week. My birthday present was a hug from my Daddy……

I am very lucky to have such a good relationship with my Mum and my Dad and that although they have been divorced for over 30 years, they can still communicate well with each other.

It was wonderful to see my Dad on Facetime again today. The girls and I sang Happy Birthday to him and we got to hear about his day. Our girls have a great relationship with him too, considering he has been in America since well before the were all born.

Selfishly, I miss my Dad being local to me. When my Mum and Dad divorced, my Dad moved to be near his parents, in Welwyn Garden City. We would spend every other weekend there with him, visiting Aunties and Uncles, Grandparents, or spending the weekend with him on our Uncles Boat Byrona. Whilst I know that on occasions I was a pubescent teenager, stroppy, hormonal and demanding, I do remember that I would always ask my Dad to move closer to us. Even when he got a long term girlfriend in Leicester, he continued to live in Bedfordshire. In June 2004 my Dad flew over to Kansas to meet a lady that he had been chatting to online. With the exception of the travels my Dad undertook as part of his career in the Army, this was my Dad’s first holiday location outside of the UK.

I remember the phone call from my Dad while he was in America telling me that he was having the time of his life and that he didn’t want to come back. I told him that it was normal and that most people never want to leave their holiday location. Then a few days later, I got a phone call from my brother telling me that he had picked Dad up from the airport after his holiday and that he was moving out there. I was absolutely gobsmacked! For years I had been asking him to move from Bedfordshire to Leicestershire with no success, but he went on a two week holiday to Kansas and was moving out there. I genuinely felt like the world was falling away at my feet.

Within 10 months, my Dad had sold his house, moved the majority of his belongings into storage, shipped his prize possessions over to Kansas and was happily married to the love of his life, Sheila.

For my Dad, I am very happy that he found love again, that he followed his heart and he is living his dreams.

When my Dad visits the UK, I am like the small child that just wants to be with her Daddy. I’ll be his shadow, I’ll want to share every moment with him and I want my girls to know him like I do.

I want them to be as fortunate as me; to have loving parents/grandparents around them and familiar to them. ❤

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