2020 · February 2020

The difference a day makes – 22.02.2020

That’s it, I quit! Oh my word, last night was my limit. I have spent this past week trying to entertain the girls, give them time on their electronics and time to entertain themselves. But last night I lost my s**t.

Yesterday morning 2Tone and Minion clocked their tally on the contributions and noticed that they still had over half of their contributions to do. They did a fantastic job of working through as many they could (only so they didn’t have to pay for their own breakfast πŸ˜’) And yet, the every day tasks around the house – loading the dishwasher, unloading the dishwasher, making lunch, cooking dinner etc, those jobs have still needed to be done with the extra task of entertaining the girls. Peach and I have had the girls at home, we’ve had our own responsibilities to carry out, pick up the slack of the girls contributions and then on top of that, I have the mountain of washing to do, ready for the return to school on Monday.

So today, I got the little three off to their Celebration Day at the NEC with Brownies and Guides and told the big girls to entertain themselves for a day. After a week of over 2 hours a day on their screens, they have also been told that there is no electronics for the weekend too! (Mean Mum 😈)

Me, what did I do with my first day ‘off’? Well I sorted the 11 piles of washing, and washed, dried and folded 6 loads of them. Then I completed over 4 baskets of ironing. 😫

Whilst doing this 2Tone did a fabulous task of clearing Kylo’s den and get really stuck in to tidying up and looked to be enjoying herself too. It was so lovely to see her taking pride in the space, learning where things belong, making her own mark on the space and then proudly showing everyone what she had achieved 😍.

DM made herself scarce for most of the day and all being told, got stuck in to helping Auntie CarCar at the stables with Harvey Horse.

Tonight, when the little three got home, we all had dinner and then settled down for a family movie. We watched The Proposal (much to Peach’s disgust). It’s always a battle as to who gets to sit on the two seater settee, it’s usually one adult with one or two children. However, tonight, Peach and I wanted to sit together, so we had the girls tucked around our legs with Kylo in-between them too! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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