2020 · February 2020

Daddy’s Valentines – 14.02.2020

I am very lucky to have a husband who shows me daily just how much he loves me. Valentine’s Day for the past five years has been a day where Daddy takes a daughter out for a Valentines date.

In 2015 Peach took DM to WingWah’s for an all you can eat Chinese buffet (her choice).

This is where the tradition started; he bought her a Valentines card and a silver heart necklace.

In 2016, it was Ruby’s turn..

Rubels chose Pizza Hut and then a play in the arcade. She too received a Valentines card and a silver heart necklace.

In 2016, it was Pops’s turn….

Pops chose basagna at Prezzo’s and then an extra Sweet treats pancake. She was so chuffed to get her Valentines card and necklace too.

In 2018, Minion had her turn and she wanted Frankie & Benny’s and then she too had a play in the arcade.

You can see by the smile on her face how proud she was to get her necklace.

This year, there was no change. 2tone got her chance. She’s had a lovely treat of being taken to Delightful Desserts for her Valentines treat.

Thank you Peach for being such a fantastic Daddy to our ladies. Thank you for showing them your love, your kindness and your thoughtfulness.

I love you with all my heart ❤️

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