February 2020

Oh yes we did…. 01.02.2020

Lots of fun was had today and I’ve witnessed plenty of smiles too ☺️

Our day started with a visit to the bank – not much fun for most people, but another big part of laying foundations for our foster daughter. 2T has wanted her own bank account since moving in with us. I have been asking that we are given the relevant paperwork to enable us to do this for quite some time. For me, I feel that showing her how much we have pursued this on her behalf and the lengths we have gone to, have shown her just how much she means to use and we will always strive for the best for her – even if it means sitting outside offices waiting for paperwork to be signed. 2T got her account today and I got a genuine thank you 😍

The afternoon was spent in the theatre. The little three are lucky to have such fabulous Brownie & Guide leaders, that are proactive and organised a trip to watch Aladdin at the Concordia Theatre, Hinckley. We had a wonderful time, lots of laughter and such a great stage performance. I love how pantomime is suitable for all age groups, it’s a chance for families to come together, laugh and get involved too. What also made me smile at the pantomime was to see so many familiar faces, two of which were people that I went to Primary School with. Great to see you Steph & Steve 😊

We got home, had tea and then all snuggled up and watched the new Disney Aladdin on DVD. I must admit, I was nervous to watch it. For me the Genie will always be Robin Williams 😢 However, hats off to Will Smith as it really was a good movie!

A great day all round and while I have your attention, I want to thank you again for reading my blogs. Rachel, you really made me smile today, thank you xx