January 2020

Fun and Friendship 27.01.2020

Fun and Friendship

For over eight years I have been setting up Twins at Totstime and Totstime for what I believed was to help other people. However today, I realised that it’s to help me just as much as helping others. I absolutely love my Monday and Thursday mornings.

I started Twins at Totstime, as I remember walking into a parent and baby group with my then 3 year old and my 7 month old twins, I was absolutely shattered, I’d had a rough night with my twins and my toddler just wanted to play. I got to the group having fed all my children but not had time to get myself a cup of tea and just needed 5 mins to myself. I remember walking into the group and putting my girls in a play mat so that I could grab a cuppa. I could feel eyes on me by others as I left my twins crying. Within 1 minute of me sitting and feeling calm because I had a cuppa in my hand, my babies stopped crying and played happily. I swore to start a group to help twin parents and ensure that they would never be made to feel that they are being judged, isolated or scorn. I’m very lucky that I had good friends to help me. I am also very lucky that the families that join us at Twins at Totstime are so very welcoming and supporting to one another. A lot of our Twins at Totstime families have gone on to make lifelong friendships with other twin and triplet families.

I may not have twins young enough to still go to twin group, but I still reap so many benefits from going. I have some fantastic ladies that help me set up the session, and while setting up, we have a good old bitch and moan! The times these ladies have seen me laugh, cry, scream and rage is beyond me. We’ve danced the happy dance together (when the kids have started back to school), we’ve plotted and we’ve righted our wrongs. And today was no exception. Ladies, you do me the world of good and I am forever grateful ❤️

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