New Skills – 24.01.2020

I love to learn new skills. As part of our role of fostering, we are offered to attend training; which is great news for me!!

Today (and yesterday) has been spent attending an Emergency Paediatric First Aid Training Course. It’s an amazing course that is usually ran over one full day, but knowing that we are all parents, the training was spread over two days to allow us to do school drop off and pick up. The course has shown me how to perform CPR, put a person into recovery position and how to carry out an abdominal thrust (for choking). I have also been trained to learn the signs and symptoms of shock, how to treat burns and how to recognise the different types of bleeding. This is just a few of the things that I have learnt over the two days. And I am so very grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend the training.

This does lead me to raise a question though…..

Through fostering, I am being given the amazing opportunity to attend resources that will benefit my parenting abilities. How is it that First Aid isn’t made available to all first time parents? This has the potential to save so many lives, in so many ways. I see that schools are starting to implement basic first aid being taught in schools, which is fantastic. Maybe this is something to add to my vision 🤔

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