January 2020

My heart melts a little bit more – 22.01.2020

Oh my word! Our independent, kind-hearted and determined littlest young lady turned 8 today. I remember a little over four years ago, a mum saying to me that Aj was a “spirited” toddler. She certainly keeps us on our toes, but is quite often beside us helping us too.

This young lady has so much humour, so much care and so much intellect that she amazes us every day. Even at the age of 1, Aj made her presence known on stage.

I sat with her tonight reflecting on her birthday evening. She has received phone calls, video messages, texts, voicemails and had family around her to celebrate. We saved opening cards and presents until all five girls were home from school, so that our family core are present. She sat at the head of the table with Aunties either side of her and Nanna/Nanny nearby. She had “designed” her own birthday cake and ordered it with Nanna T, making sure to detail her specific requests. She opened cards and presents and had her favourite meal. Through it all, I asked her what her favourite thing about today was, her response – it was her photo albums!

I am so very proud of how our young ladies are growing, the kindness they carry, the consideration they show and the incredible strength of character they each individually have. I truly do hope that as this minion grows, she will stay true to herself and continue to challenge anyone and everything that is put before her. ❤️

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