January 2020

Powerful Family Rituals – 15.01.2020

A little over three years ago (maybe more), I was invited by Jonathan Lampon to join him and another guest at BBC Radio Leicester for an hours chat. I had to attend with three potential topics of discussion, now this could be about anything of my choice and could range from the price of oranges to today’s top new headlines. I started off going with some smaller articles from local newspapers and promoting Twins at Totstime. Over the years I’ve met other great presenters and producers Ady Dayman, Andy Pierce, Jack Rafferty, Jimmy Carpenter, Hayden Pott and more recently Martin Ballard.

One of the greatest pleasures of attending the Table Talk is meeting the other guests. I thoroughly enjoy networking and have met some fantastic, creative, kind and passionate people.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Penny who volunteers for an amazing charity called One Roof Leicester. The ethos of the charity is inspirational and so extremely considerate.

We had a fabulous time chatting with Martin. One of my topics for this week was from an online blog post titled The most powerful family ritual? The bedtime story

This is something we always used to do with the girls when they were little, and probably less so now. However, The Minion has took it upon herself over the past week to want to read to us every evening. We are very fortunate to have daughters that have a passion for reading. They love to pick up books and read them to themselves or each other. Long may it continue ❤️

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