January 2020

Creative Colours – 14.01.2020

Pops is our precious, over the past four years she has been diagnosed with IBS due to anxiety. She likes to please and takes on board everything that is said to her.

I told her last week about someone we know getting a fine for driving in a bus lane (thinking nothing of it). Then two hours later, she was in the car with me and was constantly asking me if the road we were on was a bus lane.

She’s a free spirit that has the most relaxed choice of clothing, has the most random thought process which constantly makes us smile and will happily entertain herself with her craft and her toys.

Pops came to me last year asking to stop her dancing classes and go to art classes. She attended some classes in Market Harborough, but they were a 4 week course every term. Towards the end of last year, I noticed that a good friend of mine, Tracybutlerartist was promoting her personal artwork and that she offers GCSE support at her studio locally.

I spoke with Tracy and asked if there was a way that she could help Pops with her anxiety through art. Immediately Tracy set to work with creating an art class for Pops and has done some magnificent artwork. Today’s work was with pastels.

Pops came home so proud of what she had achieved. She spoke with so much love and passion, showing us all the detail that she had put into her work. I absolutely love the confidence that Tracy has given Pops, the ability to break away from the thoughts in her mind and be freely creative. Thank you so much Tracy ❤️

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