January 2020

Sew Cool – 13.01.2020

Having 5 daughters we are constantly kept on our toes. Two years ago we were running the girls back and forth to various dance classes on many days of the week. They loved being with their friends, they had fabulous teachers that encouraged their strengths and made some amazing memories.

October 2018 DM had an accident and broke her foot. It was four weeks before the dance show and she was heartbroken. She carried on going to the rehearsals, watching as her dance friends picked up the parts that she couldn’t do. She managed to participate in two of the pieces at the show, but I think that was the moment that broke her and where the cracks began. Over a month later DM stopped going to dance and singing lessons. Months later Pops decided she no longer wanted to do dance classes. Then towards the end of last year, the remaining two dancers decided they no longer wanted to do dancing anymore. I’ll be honest, I shed a tear, I love watching them dance on stage, I love listening to their singing and I love watching them perform. But, our girls are individual young ladies whom are each finding their groove. And tonight was for Rubels.

Rubels has been asking to do some sewing. I am very fortunate to have a friend Crafty Mamma, who has a local sewing business. After talking with her about Rubels keenness to start sewing, my amazing friend offered to start holding children’s sewing classes and tonight was her first session. Rubels spent an hour with Alessandra and made this fantastic needle and pin wallet. Ali showed Rubels how to set up her own sewing machine, how to thread a needle and how to iron the fabric. Rubels had an absolute blast!!

Rubels will now be attending these 1 hour sewing sessions locally, making friends with children of similar age and interest and learning a skill that she enjoys and has found for herself. I am so proud of her 🥰

Thank you Ali for your patience, your kindness and your knowledge.

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