January 2020

Full Moon – 10.01.2020

Today I would like to give gratitude. Gratitude for the life I am living. Thank you to my husband for being a part of my life, for being my safe place, my love and my peace. Thank you to my daughters for constantly encouraging me to be the best version of myself. Thank you to my Mum for guiding me through life and lovingly accepting me for who I am. Thank you to my Dad and my brother for teaching me to be a better person, to love unconditionally and without judgement. To Jiggy, I thank you. You are my constant, my soul and my rock. To the friends I regard as family “non-blood family”, you have shown me acceptance, friendship, strength and regard; I am forever grateful. To my family, I thank you for the love. And to my friends, thank you for being a part of my life, thank you for your encouragement, your acceptance, your support and your kindness.

My heart is full with gratitude and love for all those present in my life.

I am so very fortunate to have amazing people in my life, to wake up with such beauty around me and be guided home by the full moon to my safe place. ❤️

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