January 2020

Double clear up – 08.01.2020

Firstly I would like to say thank you so very much to each and everyone who has sent wishes for the girls birthday today. They’ve had phone calls, FaceTime, video messages, text messages, visitors and messages left for them both.

I absolutely love the innocence of a child’s birthday and the completely different characters of our girls. Pops aged 10 walking to school telling everyone she meets, passes and speaks to, she tells them “it’s our birthday today”. To which she is then wished a Happy Birthday and walks off feeling full of love and gratitude.

Rubes, walking behind her is given them same birthday wishes, and then a few seconds later tells Pops that she shouldn’t be telling everyone it’s their birthday, because not everyone wants to know. Why on earth not?!?! Shout it from the roof tops Pops, go for it, let everyone know. Come-on, is that not what we do as adults? We post it on Social Media (whether that be a picture of our gifts or a post offering gratitude), knowing that people will comment with birthday wishes.

Our girls have had a truly awesome day. We did have a slight panic, late last night as we realised that one of our girls had told us both on separate occasions how much she was looking forward to receiving a particular gift (one that we had not got her), and therefore had to do a quick hunt and purchase for today.

Our girls were so patient with their cards and presents, without hesitation or being told to do so, they said they wouldn’t open any cards or presents until Daddy was home from work and we were all together 🥰

Our two big girls even voluntarily chose not to do their after school activities, so that we could all be together.

We are so very fortunate to be creating such a fantastic solid family, and to have the friends and family support us is just incredible. Thank you so very much! ❤️

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