January 2020

Double Double Digits – 07.01.2020

Still can’t quite believe that as of tomorrow, we’ll have twins that are 10 years old 😱

I remember that day I was booked in for a c-section, arrived at the hospital, to be scanned and told that my twins may have moved and I could try for a normal labour. Many to-ings and fro-ings later, it was confirmed that twin 1 was still breach and twin 2 was still head down and I would still have to have a c-section 🤦🏼‍♀️

I remember the first five days of not being able to sleep as I felt I was drowning. I remember tears rolling down my face as I laid awake panicking that my babies might choke on their own sick due to the reflux they were both suffering with. I also remember staring at them in awe, the idea that two babies had grown inside me. Two babies lay in front of me, two beautiful babies 😍

Having multiples is hard, tiring, sometimes relentless; it’s also incredibly rewarding, incredibly satisfying and above all, absolutely amazing!!

And tomorrow, they’ll be 10!!!