January 2020

Tying up loose ends…. – 06.01.2020

Everyone up and out of bed ready for back to school. The eldest was back to school today, the others go back tomorrow. We all got up to have breakfast together before TwoTone went to school. I feel it’s important to our family that when all in the house, we should be together and enjoy the luxury of eating together.

Although, I wasn’t feeling the love when Peach called to see how all went this morning and I had to share with him that one had lost her phone for shouting at me, another had been hit in the face by a slipper, one had decided to cut up socks from her sock drawer (not the odd sock basket) and make designer dresses for all her Barbie dolls and the other two, well one was just revelling in her defiance and the other being defiant 🤦🏼‍♀️and yes, it was only 9.40am!

We had an extra guest for the day, which helped create balance from time to time.

I’m going to be honest, I took solace in listening to my book (AMAZING!) with my earphones in whilst working through my sewing “to repair” bag.

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