January 2020

And breathe – 05.01.2020

We have a treat every weekend of time spent as a family. We go out for breakfast together. As a family we contribute to keeping our home clean and tidy, and our reward for all contributing is that the family pot pays for our treat. We each have tasks, we each help to keep our home a happy place and we each are expected to contribute. The children’s contributions are measured by their age. If they achieve their target of contributions, the family pays for their breakfast, if however they don’t, they pay for their breakfast themselves from their weekly pocket money.

Our breakfast of choice was a Golden Arches, which I always find leaves me feeling quite lethargic. We got home and took Kylo for a long walk across the local fields, convincing Auntie G & Uncle D to join us. A great time spent putting the world to rights and getting some fresh air.

Back to school for one beauty tomorrow, while four others get one more day off. The lazy mornings, the cuddles on the settee and the time spent together has been wonderful. However, it’s going to be fabulous having them back at school, each with their own friends with space away from sibling bickering.

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